Anyone hiked Mt. Kebnekaise and Sarek NP Sweden????

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Anyone hiked Mt. Kebnekaise and Sarek NP Sweden????

by RedDog78 » Wed Aug 11, 2010 1:50 am

Hi all,

I am planning to visit Sweden on 12th Sept this year for 10 days (possible extension of 2 days if required). The plan is to Climb Kebnekaise and also hike through Sarek National Park. This will be a solo expedition. Im a pretty competent hiker. Served five years in the army, done various climbing/hiking activities in various locations, hiked the main mountains in England (if you can call them that!), Mt Tongarairo and its NP in NZ and more recently Kilimanjaro. Fitness is not a problem and apart from brushing up on my nav skills i think i will be ok.

My question is more of a logistical/hiking route one and im hoping someone can help me that has done this before. My initial plan is to get a plane from Stockholm to Kiruna to save time and then head to Nikkaloukta to start the hike to Kebnekaise. After summiting, heading down and through Sarek NP. Im just not sure at what point to start from and which town to aim to end up in for the allotted time i have. Wish i had longer!

Do you think this is possible in the time i have? And if not, what about if i somehow got transport to the head of Sarek NP? Any tips or advice on a particular route and which town to head for? Ideally with a train station so i can head back to Stockholm.

I would happily settle for hiking through a portion of the park if you think my plan is a little ambitious. Sorry if theres too many quesions there! :)

I look forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards


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by damgaard » Wed Aug 11, 2010 6:35 am


I can only help you with some info regarding the first part. We summited Kebnekaise mid September in 2005.

Nikkaluokta sounds like a good starting point. We had our own car, but I am pretty sure you can find buses heading there from Kiruna.

It can be bloody cold. We had -8 in Nikkaluokta. It can be worse higher up in the mtns.

Nikkaluokta -> Kebnekaise Fjällstation, 19 km, approx. 5-6 hours. You might be lucky and catch a boat on the lake halfway, but probabaly it will not be running very often.

Kebnekaise Fjällstation might be closed. When we were there 16/17 Sept. it was last open weekend. Don't know if that also applies for the other mtn hostels. Anyways this is late season so you'll be quite alone.

Kebnekaise Fjällstation -> Kebnekaise and return approx. 8 hours. There is an easy route where normal hiking skills is sufficient. Bring compass, whiteout can occur.

Have a good trip, it's beatiful up there!


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Seems like a nice trip...

by soderkisen » Wed Aug 11, 2010 10:17 am

Start in Nikkaloukta, climb Kebnekaise and descent to Singis. Hike south along the trail kungsleden via Teusjaure down to Vakkudavarre.

From here; I can give you the two following route alternatives depending on your ambitious level.

Alt 1. Follow the road up to Ritsem, talk to a local and arrange a boatride over Akkasjaure to Ahkka. Climb Ahkka or go round it down to the valley of Routhesvagge via Mikka hut (nowdays burned down if i remember correctly). Head out via the Rapa valley and the fantastic Rapa delta. Head down to Kvikkjokk via kungsleden trail. From here there are buses going to Gällivare and Murjek.

Alt 2. Follow the road down to Sourva and use the dam to pass the water. Pass the mountain platue into Gukkesvagge valley. Hike to Bierikjaure lake and and then into the Rapa valley. Cross the valley and hike into Sarvesvagge valley heading to the Padjelanta trail. From here follow the Tarras valley down to Kvikkjokk.

You wont have time to see all Sarek but with this routes youll get a good feel of it. I would really recommend to Rapa delta and also a summit of Pierikpakte (near bierikjaure lake) and/or Sarektjåkkå (Swedens second highest montain). :D

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by isostatic » Wed Aug 11, 2010 12:58 pm

You might get some info in these threads:

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Good luck!

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