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hypertension at altitude.

by AOwen » Mon Apr 05, 2010 1:31 am

Effects of hypertension at high altitude.

May be hard to coordinate a study, but if there were climbers with hypertension, I would really be interested in the effects of high blood pressure on acclimatization.

There was a study on tibetans in which the researchers found that the native tibetans had much lower levels of hemoglobin in their blood when compared to other groups of people living at similar altitude (study used people in the andes), I also saw this correlated to nonnative Tibetans who live at altitude in tibet, theres an interesting longitudinal study comparing tibetans and han chinese infants, living in Tibet, from birth to adulthood, that examined this as well.

One theory as to the lower levels of hemoglobin and the comfort at altitude, without the traditional physiological changes (such as increased hematocrit and Hb levels) to adapt to the altitude, was the elevated blood pressure, as a result of an insanely high salt diet, especially Tibetan butter tea (salt flavored tea).

Not sure if this would be a feasible study, but interesting none the less, and probably wouldn't be smart to have a hypertensive climber stop taking their hypertension meds while climbing to humor my curiosity, but drink up some salt tea and climb on.

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by rlshattuck » Mon Apr 05, 2010 2:44 am

$$$ I'm really only concerned with the effects/affects on my wallet . . . (aren't rainy days great) how much is a trip like this gonna cost me and will I really feel better about it once I get some seriously refined air?

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by John Duffield » Mon Apr 05, 2010 2:54 am

Many of these ideas relates to the effect of altitude on humans. The subject line however, can suggest other topics.

I would like to see a study as far as the advantages, in some sort of measurable, relevant format, as to the clarity of celestiable bodies, from say, 20,000 feet upwards. When I had to get out of the tent at night at that altitude, the stars seemed luminous and close. Like I was in outer space. Is that quantifiable?


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by Proterra » Thu Oct 21, 2010 4:58 pm

mstender wrote:Not so serious, but how about studying the effect of doing rippers (pot :lol: ) at high altitude. I once smoked a bong at 10000ft and it really kicked my ass. I would not be available to do it though since I kicked the habit many years ago.

Smoked one with Cassie on 14380 - there were children at the summit - guess where :lol: But I was high as a fucking kite.

Although to see what the effect of THC in altitude is, one doesn't need to go to South America. Asking your average California climber could provide one with a far more accurate dataset...
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