Montana Skins with brackets - advice please

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Montana Skins with brackets - advice please

by northcave » Thu Nov 11, 2010 1:17 pm

I have acquired some montana skins with little brackets on the side and designed to be used without glue. I was wondering if anyone has experience with these and whether or not they would advise somehow removing the brackets and putting glue on instead so that i could used them with a number of different touring skis i have.





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Re: Montana Skins with brackets - advice please

by Edgewood » Fri Nov 12, 2010 5:43 pm

Never seen skins like that. Seems the metal may collect snow and the clips would compromise edging. Would the material backing accept glue? Not sure. There is a new, non glue skin out this year called Clip Skins that are similar to yours.I would try them out and see how they work.

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Re: Montana Skins with brackets - advice please

by coldfoot » Fri Nov 12, 2010 9:17 pm

I have a pair of those, they are military surplus skins, sometimes you see them inexpensively on ebay. The actual skin material is high quality. I have used them briefly and they do work, but have never done anything hairy like an icy traverse. You need to rig up a tail strap arrangement to tension them - originally they would have a small loop screwed to the ski top at the rear, to pass the tail strap through.

I don't know if the backing material will accept skin glue, it is probably not that different from whatever material is used in current glued skins, but I have not tried. You can bend those clips to fit on different skis, or you could take them off and rivet velcro straps on. There used to be skins w/o glue and with tip and tail hooks and intermediate velcro straps.

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