Interesting mountains / places to visit from Dallas

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Interesting mountains / places to visit from Dallas

by dzikus » Mon Mar 28, 2011 1:17 pm

I will be on business trip in Dallas (in June).
I'm looking for interesting mountains / places to visit for a weekend (not farther than 800 mi) .
I already visited Guadalupe national park and Palo Duro canyon.
Is there any ViaFerrata or easy rock climbing possible nearby?

Thank you for help,
Best regards

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Re: Interesting mountains / places to visit from Dallas

by surgent » Mon Mar 28, 2011 4:56 pm

Hmm, Dallas...

I've been to Dallas a handful of times. The whole region is flat, with low hills being the best you can hope for.

If you're serious about the 800 mi radius, then you have options. The Kaimichi Range in S.E. Oklahoma is an idea. There are all sorts of little ranges and rocky hills in central and southern Oklahoma, some listed here on SP. Private land may be a concern. Check out the areas in and around Lawton (names escape me at the moment). Also, the Ozarks in Arkansas should be within your distance limit.

800 miles will also get you to far-West Texas, e.g. west of the Pecos River. That's where all the great Texas peaks are: Big Bend, and the peaks in Jeff Davis County (Livermore). There's also a lot of exposed rocky dome hills south and west of Austin.

Texas has some fascinating hiking, low-level climbing and rocky parts, but none that I know of immediate to Dallas.

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Re: Interesting mountains / places to visit from Dallas

by DukeJH » Mon Mar 28, 2011 8:06 pm

No Via Ferrata in Texas. Being from Fort Worth I'd recommend:

Easy Rock Climbing:
- Enchanted Rock (Texas Pink Granite, Trad)
- Lake Mineral Wells State Park (Limestone, toprope)
- Quartz Mountain (Oklahoma)

As far as mountains, you have to go way out west to Fort Davis or El Paso. 800 mile radius might get you into the Sangre de Criston range in North Central New Mexico. By June most of the high country will be melted out.

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Re: Interesting mountains / places to visit from Dallas

by Bubba Suess » Mon Mar 28, 2011 10:01 pm

I lived in Dallas for four years and I can say with some authority that there is nothing within a reasonable radius of the city that can beat the Wichita Mountains. Rugged granite mountains, wild bison, elk and longhorn and only a bit over three hours from the city. Add a dinner at the Meers Store and you can't beat it. You would have to go to the Transpecos or the Caprock to get anything near as good, but then you are looking at spending at least half a day in the car (if going to the Caprock, a full day to Big Bend).

The Hill Country is OK, but if you aren't looking for barbecue and music as well as some rocks, then skip it and head back up to the Wichitas.

Seriously, for that part of the world, they are tough to beat.

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Re: Interesting mountains / places to visit from Dallas

by rpc » Tue Mar 29, 2011 12:48 am

if you're serious about the 800 mile radius out of Dallas then that includes most of New Albuquerqe is 650 miles & the Sandia Mountains are "just" outside to the north...

if we stretch it to ~850miles, you can make Shiprock, (NW corner of ) New Mexico & check out the amazing Navajolands (and Ship Rock too :) )

Good luck!

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