What is Admin a page mean?

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What is Admin a page mean?

by Norman » Thu Jul 21, 2011 5:32 pm

I have a few routes and mountains...I am being asked by another SPer to become an admin to my route to ad maps and "improve" my page. Don't doubt it could use more computer wiz help, but what am I giving up or can he add this stuff anyway...there is a heading on pages to "add helpful info here"...is this a hostile take over Wall street kid?? :( :shock:

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Re: What is Admin a page mean?

by mrchad9 » Thu Jul 21, 2011 5:55 pm

An admin has the same rights and control over a page as you (the 'owner') does. The only difference is that the page is listed on the owner's profile page, not the admin's (except under 'things I can edit') and the points for the page go to the owner.

The admin can change people's rights to the page (for example, could make themselves the owner, or anyone else for that matter).

You can also just make them an editor. An editor can do anything to a page just like an admin, except they cannot change themselves from an editor to an owner or admin. Downside for the individual if they are an editor is simply that they will not be listed on the top of the page as one of the authors. Only owners and admins are listed next to 'Page by:' at the top of the page.

If you trust the person make them an admin or editor. If you don't tell them to send you their suggestions.

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Re: What is Admin a page mean?

by Bob Sihler » Thu Jul 21, 2011 6:02 pm

An admin or editor also cannot delete a page, an important distinction. A few years ago, a guy with admin rights to some pages took the other owners off, made himself the owner, deleted the pages, and then left the site. It was ugly and made a lot of work for a few people.

As mrchad9 says, share the page if you trust the person. I happen to know who is asking you, and I am certain he means well.

Owner: There can be only one owner at a time. You can't take away an owner's privileges except by assigning a new owner. Only an owner or an admin can assign a new owner. When a new owner is assigned, the former owner becomes an admin. Only an owner can delete a page.

Admin: Granting a user admin privileges allows them to edit the page, and to add other users as editors and admins. Admins and owners both get credited on the main object page in the "Page By" field. An admin can grant and revoke privileges for any user, including himself and the owner (to revoke the owner's privileges, designate a new owner first).

Edit: Granting a user edit privileges will allow them to make changes to the body of the page.

None: Removes all privileges.
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