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Dow Williams

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Re: Canmore Beta

by Dow Williams » Sat Oct 01, 2011 8:05 pm

I know him, but everyone knows Barry, it is Barry Blanchard, one of the top alpinist in the world really. This bear did have a behavior history and they claim that factored into destroying him. Canada Parks is careful about destroying wildlife but still don't quite have the same take on it as Barry and I do. It happened on the exact same trail you would use to do Fairview, only they were on it in the early am to access a glacier climb up Haddo-Aberdeen.

Your new brewmaster friend would prefer you promote his place by its name, Grizzy Paw!!! Not Bear Claw or Paw! Don't get offended, just teasing you man, you have manipulated the name just about every way a guy could. Big success story, he sells his beer all over Canada.

The big story about Ha Ling/local traverses that just happened (is in this weeks local paper) was a good friend of mine just set the bar for tagging all four Canmore summits in under 12hrs, never hopping in a car to get to trailheads either, that is Grotto, Lady Mac, Ha Link and EEOR. Name is Phil Villeneuve. There was a time when I had conidered such a feat with Heath McCroy, whose wife was killed by a Grizzly after running up a tree just like Barry, several years ago, but I am not near the runner Phil or Heath are. Sporting 10 years on them doesn't help me get closer either. Phil is a pro, literary carved out a full time job with Salomon putting on running and skiing events.

I might still have the Lougheed and Rundle traverse records, but who knows. The more solo 5th class you add in the mix, the better I do. Canmore is home to me, but I do get so much more climbing done during the shoulder season by hitting the desert. Don't drink all the beer in Canmore dude! Cheers

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Re: Canmore Beta

by Marmaduke » Thu Sep 20, 2012 5:42 am

The Elk and Oarsman in Banff has very good pizza, the Elk burger I had was over cooked but good and my buddy had the Bison burger which he said was great. Had beers the next day on the roof top patio, best views!!!


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