Trundling in the Great Basin

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Re: Trundling in the Great Basin

by dskoon » Wed Oct 05, 2011 8:18 pm

Buz Groshong wrote:
lcarreau wrote:When Ed Abbey did it, there were far less people living in the Great Basin. Which still doesn't make it right.

I think the professor was just looking for his 15 minutes of fame. Either that, or he was drinking WAY TOO much of this ..


I enjoy Edward Abbey as much as anyone here, but, like the rest of us, he was at times an asshole as well.

So true. You took the words right outa my mouth.

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Re: Trundling in the Great Basin

by kylenicolls » Sun Oct 09, 2011 9:35 pm

ozarkmac wrote:So by that logic, its ok to cut off switchbacks (animals do it, to hell with erosion concerns), go off trial to trample through fragile, primitive vegetation (hey, I love the sound of cryptobiotic soil being crushed beneath my boots), trample a field of wildflowers (I saw a longhorn sheep do it), or set a forest afire (as long as it doesn't burn a house of course.) Sheesh, what happened to LNT?

Believe it or not, even I, attempt to minimize it. Do that make up for any perspective deficiency? Nope, never will. I can go into a number of ways that I can attempt to justify my claims of minimal impact or attack you based off your lifestyle and consumption of manufactured goods. But as we know, there is a compromise between our trace and our interests. About 6 years ago I started making a point to bitch at people who openly litter in front of me and I see with my own eyes. I quickly learned that being a dick doesn't work. Unless you want to get assault charges, there is no real way to get them to correct their actions because they wont simply out of spite. What ends up happening is I reluctantly pick it up and suggest they shouldn't be careless in disposal of waste, then I dispose of it. Usually blank stares are the result. But it is better than 'You're an ass" and it promptly winds up on the ground again.


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