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NordWald Instruments - New Altimeter Products

by halo » Thu Oct 27, 2011 11:32 am

Hello Everyone,

I am a product development engineer for a newly formed climbing and mountaineering equipment manufacturer. Could you spare 5 mins to fill in the questionaire below - this would allow us to tailor our equipment to your needs. Also, I appologise for some of the generic questions, but its all part of the market research process.



1. Do you enjoy and engage in rock climbing activities?
2. Do you climb for business purposes or pleasure/recreation?
3. What style of climbing do you partake in most often? (e.g. freeclimbing, icewall climbing, canyon climbing, etc)
4. How would you describe your ability as a climber? (e.g. Amateur, competent, professional, exceptional)
5. Do you usually climb alone or in a group?
6. Describe the equipment you would usually climb with? (this includes clothing, climbing kit such as ropes and carabineers, electronics, tools, safety equipment etc)
7. Do you possess your own equipment? Do you borrow/rent/share it?
8. Describe your average yearly expenditure on climbing equipment?
9. Describe your largest expenditure on climbing equipment? How often do you make this expenditure, and what is it for?
10. Describe the most useful piece of equipment you have, and could have, when climbing?
11. What are your feelings regarding pieces of equipment which provide two or more functions to the user?
12. Do you keep all of your equipment on your person when climbing?
13. When climbing, is it possible to use any equipment on your person?
14. Describe the information you research before you begin a climb? This can include any location information, weather, route variations etc?
15. Describe the typical information which provides a benefit to you while you’re climbing?
16. What is the most important piece of information a climber should know while climbing?
17. Would you like more information to be available to you while you’re climbing? Should this be a wider spread of different information or a more detailed examination of existing information?
18. In your opinion, is anything missing in the marketplace?
19. When choosing a new piece of equipment, what are the most important product attributes?
20. What is the best way to present information to a climber whilst ascending? (e.g. Visual, physical or audible stimuli?)
21. Describe all the weather conditions climbers may face while climbing?
22. Would an altimeter be a useful piece of equipment when climbing?
23. Would you find a device that monitored your heart rate, body temperature and altitude usefull? If this information could be used to monitor your health and in the case of an accident automatically sent out a distress signal useful? If so how much would you be willing to pay for such a service?

Please provide any additional comments you think maybe useful.

Thank you for your time.

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