Partner needed for Aconcagua january 2012

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Partner needed for Aconcagua january 2012

by IvanBraunDK » Fri Oct 21, 2011 11:21 pm

Hi all

I just recently "lost" my partner for the planned trip to Acon in january 2012 - he just learned that he has heart issues and is grounded for 4-6 months :shock:

Start January 5 in Mendoza
18-20 days to/from Mendoza (plenty of times to sit out bad weather if needed)
I'll take a bus to Buenos Aires, have a few RR days (depending on time spent on Acon) and fly back to Europe from there

I'm fine in doing the normal route /False Polish Glacier, Aconcagua for me is High Altitude testing (planning to do Cho Oyu in august 2012), so a safe way up high is more important than doing the Glacier for instance 8)

My current budget shows that its doeable at 1.100-1.400 USD per person (flights to/from mendoca excluded)

Im 43, strong and fit, experineced from the Alps and just summited Mt kenya and Kilimanjaro last month in perfect style
I'm looking for a good, strong reliable and fun partner to acompany me.
- we could be more than 1 person (would reduce some of costs per person)

Interested in joining?
drop me an email at describing you, your experiences and ideas.

Lets bag this mountain together!

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Re: Partner needed for Aconcagua january 2012

by tkitta » Wed Oct 24, 2012 10:38 pm

Hey guys, I am also looking for a climbing partner for Aconcagua this coming season.

My current plan is to simply go solo and most likely do it via False Polish route. Through I don't mind doing Polish Direct I am not sure whatever it is a good idea to solo it so I would need someone to partner with.

I send you & all others in related threads an email.

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