2011 stats and other thoughts

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2011 stats and other thoughts

by CSUMarmot » Sat Dec 31, 2011 4:38 am

I thought I'd run a new thread of stats like I did last year. Feel free to include whatever you know or keep track of. Also throw in what mountains or whatever you enjoyed the most.

61k feet of elevation gain over 581 miles, which translates to a lot of flat approaches and lakes. I kinda wasted away the entire fall climbing season for school and didnt get in nearly enough big stuff due to a lot of early spring snow that threw me off for a month. Never really got in shape.

38 new summits in Larimer County, 2 in Mesa county, 2 in Clear Creek/Summit (?) 1 in Park, 1 in Lake.
4 14ers, 1 13er, 5 12ers, 8 11ers, lots of little stuff. 3 county highpoints
A few repeats here and there, so probably 45 mountains in total, and a couple of new lakes along the way.

I really enjoyed a few small peaks points and UNs around Larimer county, the best being Triangle mountain (good early season mountain) Stone Mountain, Oldman, Palisade and Olympus. UN 7778 and 5740 were nice. I also knocked off two private points with houses at night, which was a fun learning experience climbing in the dark.

My favorite big peaks were the Signal Mountains and Mount Sherman/Gemini Peak.

The most miserable experiences this year was Mount Massive after no sleep, then dehydration on the way back. Walking 3 miles above treeline in a lightning storm on Specimen Mountain sucked, as did the downpour at Chiquita Lake. The worst mountain on its own was UN 8540 for general suckiness. Mountain I expected to suck but wasn't bad was Bighorn mountain. Mountain I didnt expect to suck but did was Half Mountain about a week after Bighorn, funny how that happened.

Fun year
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Layne Bracy

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Re: 2011 stats and other thoughts

by Layne Bracy » Sat Dec 31, 2011 3:25 pm

15 summits in Utah, Colorado, South Dakota, Oregon and Washington.

This was a year of 10's for me:
Elbert was my 10th winter Colorado 14er
Eagles Nest was my 10th Gore range 13er
Stewart and Hagerman left me 10 remaining of Colorado's high 100

Fun memory: my 5yr old son eating all the berries my wife and I could pick on Silver Star Mtn, WA

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Matt Lemke

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Re: 2011 stats and other thoughts

by Matt Lemke » Sat Dec 31, 2011 5:59 pm

55 summits this year in total: 40 in Colorado, 10 in Washington, and 5 in Wyoming. A great year indeed

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Re: 2011 stats and other thoughts

by mstender » Sat Dec 31, 2011 11:59 pm

9 summits in 9 days of hiking in Colorado on my annual trip out West. I meet some really nice people in CO and we are even thinking about doing some stuffer together again next year. This time I focused more on 13ers and I found it to be more rewarding as in less crowds and better scenery. My favorite climb was Father Dyer Peak, my favorite class 3 scramble yet. On Horseshoe Peak we saw as many other hikers as bears (exactly 1).

A great trip indeed also thanks to the folks I met.

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Wasatch Summits

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Re: 2011 stats and other thoughts

by Wasatch Summits » Sun Jan 01, 2012 3:52 am

Just spent the last hour adding up all the info from the paper notebook here for the year.

171 Summits.
290,233 Vertical feet.
1,221 miles.

About half of all that above was on the mountain bike. Lots of redundant peaks this year, one was hit up 49 times, several others at least 10, and so forth. Didn't venture out much beyond the Wasatch this year... So much for that goal of trying to hit up half a million feet of vert . :( I guess 2012 will have to really shine for that one... At least last years numbers were beaten this year I guess.

Honestly though it was a really fun year on the mountain bike.


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Re: 2011 stats and other thoughts

by fossana » Sun Jan 01, 2012 5:45 am

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Princess Buttercup

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Re: 2011 stats and other thoughts

by Princess Buttercup » Fri Jan 06, 2012 1:23 am

It was a year of battling the couch. The couch kind of won, but I still managed to get out a bit.

Some highlights:

Skiing out to and spending the night at Glacier Point with friends, they in the lodge and me camped. One of the most glorious sunsets/sunrises I’ve ever seen.

Taking Stacy and Curtis onto rock for the first time at the Alabama Hills, and my friend Lindsay for her first backcountry ski experience up Old Man’s Bowl (beneath Mt. Morrison).

An entirely too pristine day on Mt. Hood. Soloed the standard route, skiing the lower 3500K or so (too much ice and crust above Hogsback).

Skiing my first Sierra Peak, Mt. Silliman in, again, perfect conditions.

Completing my first solo Sierra ski tour, through the Evolution Basin via Echo and Lamarck Col, spending night two in the hut at Muir Pass due to a raging storm. (Memorial Day weekend).

Skiing top to bottom at Mammoth on my birthday (June 21).

Skiing False White (off Tioga Pass) on June 25 and then climbing the SE buttress of Cathedral with Bob Pickering on June 26.

Perfecting the best strawberry-peach pie ever.

Getting spanked by being out of shape and getting sick during what should have been a 10-day backpack, and coming out 5 days early.

Crossing a Class 3 snow pass (South Fork) with a full pack and microspikes (OK, maybe not the best plan, but I had to get the beer to the summit of the Thumb and leave Ellen her note!).

Helping Bob Burd “warm-up” for the Sierra Challenge, and hosting the gang at the Moose Lodge for a grand Moosie-style BBQ.

Finally climbing Mt. Sill, my 10th CA 14er. Champagne tradition continued.

Soloing most of Mt. Emerson’s SE face (waterfall route, 5.4) before being blasted off the end of the knife-edge ridge by a thunderstorm. Descended through a flood in the gulley between Emerson and the Piute Crags.

Meeting Gene Hall on the summit of Mt. Dana after soloing the couloir. Gene had worked with my father in Silicon Valley for years, and was ecstatic about being back in CA after moving to WA to be near family. He was found dead in his tent near Vogelsang a few days later.

“Taking it easy” in the Desolation Wilderness above Lake Tahoe after seeing an orthopedic surgeon on the Friday of Labor Day weekend. Bagged only 8 peaks instead of 12.

Spending the night at Thousand Island Lake after cruising the San Joaquin Ridge.

Arthroscopic knee surgery on 22 September: mostly just scraping some arthritis and that I somehow managed to completely stretch, but not tear, my medial meniscus. Doc tells me NO LEGS in the gym until follow up. I stay in bed for one day, then visit the Portal with my Pop, using the drive in the TOF (stick-shift) to regain range of motion.

One week post-op: spent the night in the Whites in the TOF. Found fantastic color up there!

10 days post-op: hiked to Tyee Lakes with Stacy and Curtis, Stacy watching me like a hawk and telling me every ten minutes to SIT DOWN ALREADY. Then I fed her apples and brie for lunch. So there.

11 days post-op: MD looks at me cross-eyed as I squat to the floor, face palms his forehead when I tell him about the hike the previous day. Releases me from further visits.

5 weeks post-op: hiked Mt. Gould with my dear friend Joan. She smacks me in the head before I kill myself on the summit block.

7 weeks post-op: get a big hug from Woolie at the Mammoth Mountain opener. Ski four hours and enjoy champagne on the deck. Ski 3 out of 4 days that weekend.

9 weeks post-op: enjoy Red Rocks scrambling (Bridge Mtn. and White Rock Hill) and turkey dinner with new friends in Vegas.

11 weeks post-op: attempt ice skating on Mirror (12” of snow) and Lone Pine (4” of snow) Lakes on Saturday with Jim; drive out to meet Bob and Matthew for a traverse of Eagle Mountain east of Death Valley on Sunday.

12 weeks post-op: skated clear across Crowley Lake with friends. My first lake skate.

Spent Christmas week skating Tenaya Lake, watching Crater Lake come out of the fog of a storm for 45 minutes before being re-swallowed, hung out with my awesome nephews and family (which I did more this year than the last 4 years combined), and drove 395 all the way home from the WA border.

It was an off year, all right.


As for this year’s plans:

http://moosetracksca.wordpress.com/2012 ... ow-a-road/

From the luckiest girl in the world:
Climb Hard. Be Safe.

-L 8)

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Re: 2011 stats and other thoughts

by DukeJH » Fri Jan 06, 2012 6:20 pm

My first full year in CA and I met my goal of 12 summits in 12 months. Thanks to Bob Burd's Sierra Challenge, some are pretty obscure and I got to see some great country.

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Re: 2011 stats and other thoughts

by CClaude » Thu Jan 12, 2012 3:00 am

Moosetracks, I can empathize. Had an ok season with getting on and shut down on a variety of routes in Indian Creek (ah, Learning to Fly and Optimator are sooo good), Sedona and Squamish.

Things were going great and then wham, 30 minutes before leaving to San Francisco for a medical conference the first week of November I broke my calcaneous (the heel bone).

30 minutes later: walked through security without crutches or a cast, (DAMN it hurts)

1.5hrs later, the little electric cars at the Phoenix airport tell me that they won't go to my gate, so I limp on.....

5 hours later, I am in a wheelchair getting my bags at the San Francisco Airport. I go get crutches and when I take my shoe off I know immediately that my calcaneous is broken.

2 weeks later: I start bouldering one legged with a cast on.,..everyone shakes their heads. Heel hooking is definately out of the question. I start to go to spin class with my normal orthopedic surgeon.

3 weeks later: I go for a 5 mile hike in Sedona.... people were embarressed about complaining when they see me hike past on crutches with a pack full of photo gear.

6 wkks later: re-break my foot slipping on the ice at work.

its now 10 weeks later, and my cast has just come off. I am doing some bouldering, a bit of spinning and hoping to do some crack climbing this weekend.... Although I still can't walk normally and I've lost 3.5cm of muscle mass (girth) on my left leg which is usually pretty wimpy anyways.....

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