ADK high peak conditions

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ADK high peak conditions

by Pyroman9 » Sun Jan 15, 2012 11:53 pm

Hey all. I just got back from a high peaks trip and figured I would post a little feedback on the conditions.

As for our Itinerary:
0230 wake up (slept in car in ausible packing lot)
0300 head out for trailhead
0330 arrive at Ausible trail head
0800 Lower wolf jaw summit
1000 Upper wolf jaw summit
1200 Armstrong Summit
1400 Gothics Summit

This was the revised itinerary after we learned that we would be breaking snow and it was deep.

So here is what actually happened.... lol

We got up and started on time and started our way in. We took the Cascade bridge and were headed west towards the trail between lower and upper wolf jaw. We were following trail markers only as there was no distinguishable path to follow due to lots of fresh snow. At around 0630 we saw the last trail marker and could not tell where the trail went. We searched about 100 yards in all ways and could not find another. So we looked at the map and knew the trail continued west... being early and almost light we decided to just continued west and we would run back into the trail soon enough. About two hours later of bushwhacking and fighting through thick trees, we found the trail. We had snowshoes on by this time already due to fresh knee deep snow. Heading up LWJ it was anywhere from knee to waist deep fresh snow. On the steep parts it was very difficult because the snow would just slide down under us. We broke trail all the way to the south side of armstrong. The weather was great. Due to the slow moving of breaking trail we got to the south side of armstrong around 1530. We decided it best to head down the eastern trail and back to the ausible road knowing we would be lucky to make it to the road by dark. We made it to the road and strapped on our lights. Made it out soon after, very tired and very sore. Great hike overall. Let me know if you have any questions regarding conditions.

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