Knee blowout?

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Knee blowout?

by MScholes » Sun Feb 20, 2011 2:25 pm

I know the general response will be to go see a doctor for an x-ray, however there's not one in town for another 2 weeks as he flys in between small communities way up north... Just seeing if anyone else has had this...

Blew my tool placement on a hard mixed climb yesterday, the sudden shift in body weight onto my knee in a contorted position created quite the sensation of pain. Had to slowly finish the climb, collapsed afterword, lots of pain, however was able to do the long 2 hour posthole walk home.

Pain's pretty constant, but bearable at the moment, leg stiff and sore. I can move around, walk up and down stairs, leg can flex, not without pain, but can still flex. No swelling or bruising, but did ice it most of the night and trying to stay off of it, wrapping it as well. Major pain comes when I twist the leg and straighten it out completely.

First thing that came to mind was that it was painful like a dislocation that popped back into place as well as I've had that happen with my arm and it feels someone similar. Since I'm 2 weeks away from the doctor and x-ray though, does anyone have experience with ACL injuries? Would I be able to do anything if it was an ACL - since for the next 2 weeks if at all possible and the weather's nice, I'll want to be in the hills, but not if there's a chance it's an ACL injury.

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Re: Knee blowout?

by MScholes » Sat Feb 26, 2011 2:25 pm

Just as an update - the knee was getting worse and I was barely able to walk and I managed to get lucky and find a nurse who got a doctor on the phone and looked at it while speaking to the doc.

It's apparently "just" a pulled ACL. She gave me some anti - inflamatories which worked amazingly well!!! pain's almost completely gone, just giving the leg a vacation right now - doesn't hurt that I somehow got the flu as well so can't do a whole lot right now anyway - not teaching either since March break just started... things certainly lined up.

I do however get to finally see the doctor next Wednesday when he gets to town. And if I do need an MRI, I'm on a 6 month waitlist... lovely...

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Re: Knee blowout?

by DrGranola » Sat Feb 26, 2011 6:39 pm

Until you can get to a doctor, follow the RICE acronym. This will also work well in most traumatic injury situations, until definitive care is available.

Rest - Self explanatory, rest your knee.

Ice - Apply ice packs, bag of frozen peas, etc...

Compress - Wrap it in an ace bandage to keep swelling (if any) to a minimum.

Elevate - Elevate the extremity, to help with the swelling.

In your case you got prescription anti inflammatory medications. If this was not the case, I would recommend taking ibuprofen, or NSAID, granted you are not allergic to them.

Hope it helps.

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Re: Knee blowout?

by preved » Fri Dec 23, 2011 11:53 pm

I had a feeling of painful dislocation with popping back into place too. Turned out to be a complete ACL tear. Ligaments do not have nerves, the pain is from bone contusion, tendon damage, etc. However, ACL has a blood vessel in it and that one is easily ruptured. If you had a swollen knee afterwards, it's likely that ACL is torn to some extent. Here in US it's normal in such cases to go to several doctors with XRay and MRI results and asking for second opinion.

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Re: Knee blowout?

by Diver » Fri Jan 20, 2012 8:36 pm

i completely tore my ACL while skiing and I managed to go on with my life for couple of years without repairing it, including doing several hundreds of skydives, doing squats in the gym, etc.

first time i was in ER for it, they said it was nothing and let me go home. it was very sore and sensitive for a while, but i sucked it up. i dislocated my knee a year later and ended up in ER again. they told me it was nothing. then i dislocated it again a year later playing volleyball and that time (different ER each time) they told me i had no ACL and i need to have it fixed

since i didn't have anything done i ended up ruining a lot of cartilage. i ended up having a surgery and they replaced with a new ACL. it's ok now, but i might have problems when i get old.

in other words, it's possible to tear ACL and do anything you want. in fact some people who are not very active sometime elect not to fix it. by the knee will always be prone to dislocation.

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Re: Knee blowout?

by e-doc » Mon Jan 23, 2012 12:12 am

The knee is a complicated hinge joint with widely variable injuries due to both its anatomy and the nature of forces that cause an injury. So many variables in any joint injury; fractured bone, torn/strained ligaments, cartilage damage. When a joint is strained it's difficult to ascertain what the damage is initially. Most are treated with Rest,Ice, Elevation, Compression and anti-inflammatory. Once the swelling subsides the joint can be stressed to look for areas of laxity= strained/torn ligament. But a torn structure doesn't necessarily lead to surgery. That is determined by function and stability of the joint after the injury has cooled down and expected future activity.

Every injury is different and every person is different. Please tell us curious people what happened as your post was many months ago.

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Re: Knee blowout?

by TyeDyeTwins » Mon Jan 23, 2012 1:53 am

My twin and I both had a ACL injuries last year while backcountry skiing. My twin actually tore his miniscus in 4 places as well.

My ski binding broke and while skiing down the binding came right at me...heard the thunder pop and felt a lovely wobble in my knee when I tried to ski. Was able to get down on my own. At a river crossing I tried to straighten it but the pain would not allow me too.

At the hospital the #1 test is they tell you to relax your leg, then they try to push it straight to zero degrees. If it hurts than it is likely your ACL. My surgen told me that the nerves in your knee will not allow a damaged ACL to go straight...thus thats why you get pain. Ended up getting the surgery.

My twin's leg was facing backwards and I had to drag him out the 5 miles to the nearest road. So I doubt you did any miniscal damage.

Now when it comes to the option of surgery....DO IT. My surgen told me that many people do not get the surgery and that the ACL does try to repair itself.....but only does to a certain extent. He said should I not go for the surgery that I would be able to walk on it in a few weeks...however the second I tried to ski, rock climb, would blow out again.

He also added that when your knee is at a 90 degree angle....that is when there is the MOST pressure on your ACL. All it takes is a twist and BAM...she'll blow.

I don't want to panic you or anything but I just thought I would share my as well as my twin's first hand experience with you so that you can make the best decision. I hope, pray and chant the BEST for you dude...may the recovery be speedy!

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