New article on rappelling and down climbing

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Re: New article on rappelling and down climbing

by Sierra Ledge Rat » Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:01 am

sjarelkwint wrote:

In reference to abseiling:
"...most non-climbers like it whereas most climbers do not."

How true. When I was a new climber back in the 1970s, a crusty old-timer asked me if I liked abseiling. I replied that I did not. He said that confirmed that I was a "real" climber, and that was how he could "real" climbers from non-climbers.

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Re: New article on rappelling and down climbing

by Marcsoltan » Wed Feb 08, 2012 12:41 am

ExcitableBoy wrote:I've also seen a guy rock climbing with a static caving rope because he wanted a black rope to go with his tattoos and all black clothing, and top roping through a small rescue pulley rather than carabiners.

That makes me laugh! I wonder if you saw the same guy I saw doing the same thing except that he weighed about 200 pounds and his belayer, a girl, about 95 pounds. Thank God he wasn't good enough to even get started. He did pull the girl up a couple feet and landed hard a few times. But, he never figured out why that was happening! Sometimes it's a comedy scene out there.


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