Signal de Botrange

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Signal de Botrange

by rgg » Wed Feb 15, 2012 7:55 pm

At the moment, there are two pages named "Signal de Botrange" and I think that's wrong.

The older one is an Area page, the newer a Mountain/Rock page. However, they both describe the same thing.

Signal de Botrange is the high point of Belgium. For that reason, I believe it deserves a Mountain/Rock page. Otherwise it would simply be the highest point of a very large, virtually flat plateau.

The plateau lies in the "Hautes Fagnes / Hoge Venen" national park (that's French / Dutch, respectively, meaning high marsh), which is quite deserving of having an Area page. There is some nice hiking to be had there. Renaming the Botrange area page to Haute Fagnes / Hoge Venen might be a start, but it's rather skimpy on information about the park. It looks like the author intended to write only about Signal de Botrange, not about the whole park. To make it a good Area page, I would like to see a lot more information.

The current Signal de Botrange Mountain/Rock page can also use a bit more information, but what's written so far isn't too bad. It's just rather thin.

I've only paid one short visit to the area, so I'm in no position to contribute significantly to a proper area page. I'm hoping that one of the Belgian SP-ers knows the area better and can write a proper area page, and then, together with the current page owners, resolve this issue.

Any ideas?

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