How to write a trip report??

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Re: How to write a trip report??

by mvs » Wed Apr 11, 2012 12:59 pm

A few thoughts:

* Thx for the bulk uploader plug and I'm sorry you are having a problem with it. In the past there was a password issue with special characters (like ü), I believe that is fixed. In the worst case, lets talk on PM, you change your password to something temporary and share it with me, and I'll debug to get to the bottom of it.

(EDIT: It looks like the space character in Ben's username is the likely cause. I can craft a fix in the next day, though I've written to Ben to try and verify this locally first).

* Much as I like the tool, I am often guilty of just using <img src="LOCATION LIKE FLICKR"> for my images. So yes, you *can* do that. You don't have to put your images on Summitpost in order for them to show up as eye-candy in your report. Just learn the HTML IMG tag.

* If you have sufficient eye-candy, and write about something compelling...or something not compelling but with a good sense of humor (or better yet both), then it likely *will* be featured on the front page. The great thing about that is that you'll get a bevy of comments on the report, people will say all kinds of interesting things that add to your report, and actually, to the whole experience.

Best of luck,


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