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Kili summit trip advice/group

by txwitt » Thu Apr 12, 2012 7:58 pm

I am planning to summit Kili in either late June or early September of this year. This will be my first trip up Kili, and I have not yet made plans with a guide service. Nor do I have a group - I'll be going over there by myself, but I'd love to join on with a group going during the same time frame - so let me know if you've got room for a 24 yr old Texan on your trip (I must add that, contrary to common perceptions of Texans, I do have high altitude backpacking and climbing experience).

So a few questions...
1.) Any advice on which month I should make the trip? I've heard that June is the tail end of the rainy season, but don't know how much Kili is impacted by this. Also, crowds?
2.) What kind of gear can I count on bringing? I'm not familiar with guided trips...but I was planning to bring a 60 liter pack (too big?), all appropriate clothes, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, camera gear, camelbak bladder, head lamp, and personal items...anything else I should count on bringing or leaving at home? Also, I'm not familiar with the terrain of the trails...what kind of boots would you recommend?
3.) Any guiding services you'd recommend booking with or steering clear of?
4.) After some research, the Lemosho and Machame routes sound most appealing to me. Any comments?

Any other advice you could offer to a Kili first-timer would be much appreciated.

And drop me a line if you're planning to be on the mountain during either of my stated timeframes and have space for an extra climber!

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Re: Kili summit trip advice/group

by Enkidu » Thu Apr 12, 2012 9:19 pm

Gear wise - are you using porters? If you are using porters than 60 litres is too big. If not than 60 litres would be alright. If using porters 25 to 30 litres daypack is adequate.

We used African Environment and they were great.

Machame is little more scenic than Lemosho but Lemosho has a lot less traffic. The Western Breach is now open again and can be approached from either of these routes. It more challenging but certainly doable be anyone in decent shape. It is also by far the least travelled way to approach the summit. On this route we were by ourselves for the 3 nights prior to our summit bid.

The breach route typically involves one night camped in the crater at 18800 feet. This is 3000 feet higher than the high camp on the other routes and the temperature can drop to 0F. If a conventional route is chosen a 0 to 5 F bag is sufficient. If you want to camp in the crater the same bag may work depending on whether or not you are a warm/cold sleeper. To be safe though I brought a -15F bag for the crater and was quite comfortable.

Hope this helps
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Re: Kili summit trip advice/group

by MountainHikerCO » Fri Apr 13, 2012 5:19 pm

I give a clothing list in my trip report. Recommend trekking poles for the volcanic loose soil that can also be very slick when wet. A duffle bag is good for handing your stuff off to the porters each day. Have plastic garbage bags inside your duffle for organizing and keeping things dry. We were well fed, but it’s good to have some of your own snack stuff for along the trail, especially on summit day. Have an extra water bottle to work with in addition to what you pack when you hike. That way you can always depend on being full at critical times like leaving for the summit. We used Kessy Brothers. They were moderately priced and took care of us from when we arrived at the airport until taking us back to the airport. I would use them again.

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Re: Kili summit trip advice/group

by nworbled » Sat May 05, 2012 3:57 am

I just summitted Kili in March via the Machame Route. I highly recommend picking up the guidebook from Henry Stedman--there is valuable information in there.

I used an American company called Adventures Within Reach based out of Denver. They were pretty good. I also booked a 5-day safari with them since I figured I should do that while I'm already in Tanzania. The local company that AWR uses in Tanzania is Tanzania Journeys Ltd. if you'd like to skip the middle man and save some money.

If you're using porters (which I would probably recommend), a 60L bag is way too big. You only need a daypack to carry layers, snacks, and water. Have a duffel that will hold your sleeping bag, extra clothes, etc. to give to the porters to carry.

Make sure you have a way of carrying 3L of water. I only brought my 50oz Camelbak bladder and 32oz Nalgene and I ran out of water on the 3rd day. I had a huge headache at the end of that day. :P On the summit day/night, your water will probably freeze so if you have a way to insulate your water, that'd be nice. The water in my Camelbak froze after a couple hours but luckily I had put my Nalgene in a heavy merino wool sock (not a sock that I was wearing!) and it prevented the water from fully freezing. I can't speak for anybody else but I didn't drink too much water on the summit attempt anyway.

Also, I NEVER hike with my iPod but I used it on the summit attempt. It helped break up the monotony of the 7 hours it took us to get there.

Good luck!

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Re: Kili summit trip advice/group

by summitman175 » Sun May 06, 2012 12:37 pm

I am a Kilimanjaro Guide, have summits up to Kili many time through different routes.
I would tell you to climb through Machame Route or Lemosho or Umbwe route. or if you are interested you can Join the other climber who are coming in the Month of August which is the best time to climb the mountain. this climber will climb from Umbwe route via Western-Breach.This route is most Adventure and incredible view route..

*July, August, sept and Oct- December, Jan, Feb and early March.
*Yes June is the trail end rain season.
*You must brings the followings gears,sleeping bag, sleeping pad, camera gear, camelbak bladder, head lamp, Hiking boot and personal items.the tents and porters are available from you trip organizer.
* I would recommend Moses Kashumba or is a local company and Kili climb organizer. Guide
*Through Lemosho you will spent 8 - 9 days climb and Through Machame or Umbwe will spent 6-7 days climb.
* First time Kili you will find it difficult with height and altitudes. The mountain sickness is a subject to care during the climb,slow paces are necessary.( HACE) and HAPE IS fatal sickness on the mountains.

Advice---- Exercise out at least a month before climb is most potential.
Get more informations or enquiry go to

Good Luck!

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