Alpine Clubs and Mountain protection (need some help)

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Mountain Protection: The Alps or outside-European mountain ranges?

The Alps
Outside-European Mountain ranges (Andes, Himalay, Hindu Kush,...)
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Alpine Clubs and Mountain protection (need some help)

by KoenVl » Thu May 03, 2012 1:06 pm

A little question on which I hope to get as many responses as possible. It will not take even a minute, so if you read this, please respond (or just tick a box in the poll (that's already enough)), it would be a huge help for me (it's for a work I'm doing for school).

European Alpine Clubs (the Swiss, French, German, Austrian,...) are quite committed to the protection and sustainable development of (mountain eco-systems in) the Alps.
The work they are doing is, as far as I'm concerned, really important. Most other mountain ranges in the world don't get that much attention (Besides Northern-American ranges) from Alpine Associations, which is a pity, as these mountain ranges deserve much more attention while these mountain eco-systems are under huge pressure.

Due to mainly financial constraints these European Alpine Clubs can't do much more for the environment as they do for the moment. The possibilities to take action and to try to do something for the protection of mountain eco-systems in for example the Andes of Himalaya are probably close to zero.
About this I would like to pose a hypothetical question:

If these Alpine associations would be able to invest more money on this, would you rather have them to invest it on the protection of the Alps or rather investing it on smallscale projects in Asian or Latin-American mountain ranges?
If you are (or would be) a member of one of these Alpine Club in Europa (specially in the Alps), which would you prefer your association would spend their money on? Mountain Protection and sustainable development in the Alps or mountain ranges outside the Alps?

I'm not giving any more information, as I would like to see what you think spontaneously which is probably the most logical or best thing to do for these Alpine Clubs.

Thanks for the -hopefully many- responses! :)

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