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Google Earth

by David Senesac » Mon May 21, 2012 2:51 am

Sure I'm not the only one here that likes playing with Google Earth sometimes in the traveling 3D landsat image mode. I'll offer up an interesting place. Maybe some of you others can find somewhere else to amuse us.


For the Sierra I tend to move the Time history back to the December 2005 image set because it is a richly saturated image set providing better definition even though it is somewhat unnatural. Makes for a good graphic for studying. So I captured the above GE image today with a screen capture freeware tool I've used for years, MWSnap, then copied the result into Photoshop to slightly tweak. To see what the topo looks like, in another browser window, either open this link:,-119.23170&z=14&t=T

or just compare to this screen capture:


So what is this Sierra Nevada landscape? Actually one that I've never dropped down into. Its the northwest slopes of the Ritter Range. So much to do on the east side that I've never gone further west than the Ritter Lakes at North Glacier Pass. One reason I'm looking at it is I have an interest in any of the Sierra area with colorful metamorphic rocks. So this flying tool is an easy way to size up places I've never been to. Lower mid left are the two large Twin Island Lakes. The lower lake shows 2991 meters or an elevation of 9812 feet. Now wsw of Mount David at the mid right frame edge are two good sized lakes with whitish-blue surfaces, 3108 and 3119. Then about 6/10 mile west is a larger noname lake with interesting rusty colors on its north shore. So I move to that position and screen capture.


So now you know where I'm going to visit some day, but not this year haha.


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