How did you start? Your first climbs??

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Sierra Ledge Rat

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Re: How did you start? Your first climbs??

by Sierra Ledge Rat » Tue Jun 12, 2012 11:56 pm

I started climbing when I was about 14 years old during summer camp.

One of the "cool" instructors took me out to a long cliff (about 1/2-mile long) with a 40-50 foot cliff face. We played a game where we would walk along the base with our eyes closed; where ever we would stop is where we would climb up to the top.

Then we down-climbed and repeated the "game" over and over as we made out way down the cliff.

In later years, once I started getting into climbing for real, we did girdle traverses of the long face.


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Re: How did you start? Your first climbs??

by TimB » Fri Jun 15, 2012 5:01 pm

emmieuk wrote:Its been a few days since i first came here and discovered the world of climbing!!

So what got me thinking did you all start? Long walks as a kid? Read a book in school? What got you into this?

What were your first climbs?

Yes I am sooooo passing the time at work ;) but it would be interesting to hear everyones stories

Reading climbing books as a kid(The White Spider) and receiving two of Rowell's books on climbing as a gift got me dreaming-Galen's photos, wow!!
Visiting the Eiger a few years back got me stoked enough to finally get off my ass and start climbing(at 44 yo) :o

First climbs(just last Fall!) were sport routes at the City of Rocks in Idaho. Done a few multipitch sport climbs and a trad or two(Following).
Going to do the Grand Teton in August, so that will be my first "Alpine" climb.

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Matt Lemke

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Re: How did you start? Your first climbs??

by Matt Lemke » Fri Jun 15, 2012 5:30 pm

My first "real" climb was Chikamin Peak in the WA Cascades back in October 2007. The seed was planted there although I really didn't start climbing mountains full force until about a year and a half ago.


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