3 Peaks Yorks/National 3 Peaks Footwear

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3 Peaks Yorks/National 3 Peaks Footwear

by Nitro2189 » Tue Jul 03, 2012 2:05 am

Hey peeps, Having recently slogged it up Snowdon in the heavy rain and bitter winds, my feet got wet! So I think it's time to get something new and up to date for my next travels, hoping the 3 peak challenge. But tbh, I don't know what I'm looking for. It needs to be relatively lightweight, but waterproof to the max. Ideally a high ankle support, almost like an army assault boot style, but obv not needing to be as extreme as Alpine boots.

Ive been looking at a couple, and cant really decide.

Asolo Men's Power Matic 200 GTX Hillwalking Boots and
Garmont Vetta's

are the ones Ive got my eye on. Ive also been checking out Scarpa's, because I've heard they are better fitting for the wider footed male :).

My budget is around £200.

Thanks for any help :).

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Re: 3 Peaks Yorks/National 3 Peaks Footwear

by nartreb » Tue Jul 03, 2012 3:49 pm

I know the climate on the Isles is famously cold and damp, but I have trouble believing that you need a £200 boot to go up a couple of Yorkshire hills in the summer. Waterproof boots are great when actually standing in mud and cold puddles for extended periods of time, or in snow. The rest of the time you're usually better off in light footwear that dries quickly.

The problem with waterproof boots is that your feet will sweat, so you'll end up with wet feet anyway. If you insist on wearing boots in the summer, stop by an army surplus store, or a store that caters to construction workers, and find something lighter and more comfortable than a mountaineering boot. Buy a £2 tube of wax and your boots will be more than ready for English rains.

(Ive only been in the UK once, but I've spent plenty of time on the tip of Brittany, where the weather's even worse.)

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Re: 3 Peaks Yorks/National 3 Peaks Footwear

by asmrz » Tue Jul 03, 2012 9:03 pm

The Yorkshire Three Peaks trip does not require much specialized footware. We hiked in light fabric hikers we brought from the US.

Brittish stores have all kinds of good all leather (light) hiking boots that could be more waterproof for your other (future) activities, but this Yorkshire 3 peaks trip does not require anything special.

Now, I hear England and Yorkshire especially, are having one incredibly wet summer so for this season only, you might consider something more waterproof than tennies.

Other than that, for technical climbing (mostly ice) in the Scottish Highlands in winter, we wore La Sportiva Trangos with no issues.

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