Kilimanjaro's Best Alpine Style Route?

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Re: Kilimanjaro's Best Alpine Style Route?

by Cloud Ocean » Sat Nov 03, 2012 2:53 am

I hiked up Kilimanjaro over 6 days this August via Rongai, without using any support (no porters or cooks). You have to hire a certified guide to obtain a permit, but it is possible to hike self-sufficiently. At the beginning of the hike, my pack for the 6 days (with a day's extra food, and an extra day on the permit) only weighed around 22kg without water. The hardest day by far was the move to my high camp, as I had to carry up my water supply. At the end of the hike, I weighed in at 17kg, and had a good amount of leftover food. Sourcing good personal fuel and a compatible stove was also quite difficult in Tanzania (the bulk of hikers use large support crews, who carry huge kerosine fuel tanks up).

Because I used a guide, is my hike really 'unsupported'? Does it qualify as 'Alpine style'? To be blunt, the mountain was absolutely covered with inexperienced tourists carrying 3kg day packs, having camp hauled and pitched for them, being served at dining tables the entire way up, and being literally dragged down by their support staff after overexerting themselves pushing to the summit (I would presume with inadequate acclimatization). In hindsight don't think either question really matters much.


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