East Coast Guys checking out the PNW

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East Coast Guys checking out the PNW

by Willopeterson » Mon Nov 05, 2012 1:38 am

Check out full blog at: http://www.startingsixskiblog.com/?p=1373

While going to awesome places like Jackson WY, Salt Lake City UT, and Denver CO is always a rush, sometimes you gotta hit up a unknown place for a little more of an adventure. At this point in the summer the residual effects of our winter trips had worn off and the itch for adventure was back and worse than ever. The cure? To go as far west and north as you can go in the states and find that thirst quenching adventure, i.e. SEATTLE. When we brought up a potential trip to Seattle the general consensus was over the dreary winters rather than the pristine forests and snow covered mountains. After hearing these downers, enough was enough, and it was time to head to the PNW and into the unknown.
Welcome to Seattle

Solid groundwork told me Seattle is a culturally unique city in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by mountains, rainforest, and just off the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Despite all of this, everyone I asked about the city only seemed to associate the region with grey and rainy winters. Its hard to imagine the impact the grey winters would have on one’s psyche, but Jon and I set out for our trip west at the end of September. During this point in the year, Seattle is generally in a transition from gorgeous sunny days of summer to the grey monotony of winter. We arrived with intentions of exploring the city before heading to Olympic National Park for two days of tantalizing backpacking. After a pit-stop at REI for some last minute gear, info from the park rangers, and some tempting peeks at the backcountry skiing gear and a brief sushi session, we nabbed an hour long ferry out to the town of Bremerton to start the better part of the adventure and into the forests of the PNW.

One of the most frustrating things about city living is the length of time to get from the commotion and pavement of the city to the tranquility and unknown of the wilderness. Whats so good about Seattle? An hour ride ferry gets you the boat above and the sky below. Unfortunately, it doesnt get you extended hours at the Olympic National Park Wilderness Information Center in Port Angeles and we were forced to postpone the first night of backpacking. Fortunately, car camping a plenty can accommodate the late arriving traveler.



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Re: East Coast Guys checking out the PNW

by lcarreau » Mon Nov 05, 2012 1:47 am

Car camping is where it's at in the PNW ... I spent 8 years there in my car.

Don't forget IVAR'S if you dig eating seafood ...

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Re: East Coast Guys checking out the PNW

by mountainsandsound » Mon Nov 05, 2012 1:53 pm

You couldn't have done any better with the weather. Most people from the NW who are nature lovers accept the Nov-May grayness for what it is. Would not have glaciers or salmon without it. Definitely wouldn't be the evergreen state without it. And hey, that rain is usually snow higher up.

If you want real grayness with no guarantee of respite during July/Aug, check out SE Alaska. Makes Seattle look like Southern California.

Good to see people enjoying the scenery.

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