Nervous Beginner

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Re: Nervous Beginner

by otto6457 » Thu Nov 15, 2012 6:11 pm

nartreb wrote:>If you do decide on the Himalaya you may find that the ratio of climbing to waiting around for the weather or getting sick from a foreign bug is not that great.

QFT. The trick with the really big mountains, on guided routes, is wanting it badly. Being a "true mountaineer" is not necessary, being able to put up with a lot of cold, boredom, etc etc is.

It helps to get into decent shape, but you don't have to be Superman. The guides usually know what they're doing and will set a pace that their clients can keep up with.

A lot of folks on this site would rather maximize the time spent on the "fun parts" - the technical climbing, and would chafe at being guided. But I have a hunch that Otto is more interested in "achieving the dream" - that he won't care whether Rainier is twice as fun, if it's not in the Himalaya it won't count.

Thanks again guys for all the help.

I'm the sort of guy that needs a goal to shoot at to keep me motivated. Climbing in the Himalayas would be the "end" goal, but it certainly wouldn't be the 'only" goal. Rainier would count big time in my book. Right now, ANY mountain would count big time for me. I'm looking seriously now at a climbing school in the Cascades or Alaska next summer to get started correctly and to not be a danger to me or especially others that might be on the mountain with me. Like was said earlier in the thread, my clock is definitely ticking so I need to get started pretty quickly. I have started a new fitness schedule and I should be in pretty good shape by summer.

So, here we go.

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Re: Nervous Beginner

by PeteF » Sat Dec 01, 2012 3:49 pm

maybe something more challenging than walking up Mera Peak

I am 47 and relatively fit. I just arrived back home after this "non-challenging walk".* I too am a late starter in all this but am enjoying the journey so far, and would like to keep pushing things along. I'd say go for it, and good luck with your quest.

*Just for interest, the week or so around when I summited Mera Peak, I was able to keep tabs on other parties in the area; around 40% of intending parties actually successfully summited this "walk".


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