Mount Adams South Spur at the end of april

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Mount Adams South Spur at the end of april

by mfox79 » Wed Apr 10, 2013 12:53 am

So, some friends and I want to climb Adams from the south spur on the last week of april. Is the route pretty well avalanche free by this time normally? and would we be able to start at the trailhead? We are going to be doing Mt. Hood again and wanted to climb somthing else since we would have such a long drive from eastern Idaho. any and all help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Mount Adams South Spur at the end of april

by mrchad9 » Wed Apr 10, 2013 1:01 am

Please post here if you find out anything outside the site too. I will as well. I am thinking of the same trip. My biggest question is trailhead access and the fire closure (I understand the normal trailhead is closed due to a fire last fall).

I called the rangers today but no one answered. Trying again tomorrow.

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Re: Mount Adams South Spur at the end of april

by dskoon » Wed Apr 10, 2013 2:06 am

Snow keeps falling up here, so I seriously doubt the road will be open to the trailhead at that time; it usually opens up sometime in June, maybe even July.
I'd imagine during lean snow years it would open sooner, maybe sometime in May, but, the last few years it seems like the opening is, as I said,
either June or even July(year before last).
Not having the road open to the traihead usually adds another 3-4mi. to the trip, and can be a bit of work, ie, making your way over a mix
of downed trees, mixed snow(with blown crap on it), and dried road. Certainly can be done, but, this needs to be taken into consideration
when planning, as some would like to do the climb in a day, and that extra mileage makes it very difficult to do. . .
Anyway, as Chad said, calling the FS is the way to go, and usually they post info on their page for Adams regarding the road.
I'd be very surprised, (unless it warms way up and consistenly stays warm), for it to open any time in April, and maybe not even in May.
As I said, snow keeps a-fallin' around here,(winter-like up high!), so. . .
Avalanche free? I haven't heard much regarding Avi danger on that route, and I would think it wouldn't be too bad, but, . . always depends
on the weather leading up to the climb, recent snowfall, etc. .
Best to keep an eye on all the sites, ie, FS, NWAC, etc. .
Hope that helps, and you're not alone in wanting that road to clear out. . .

Also, as time gets closer(usually in May sometime, toward the end!), people will be posting road info on here, as well as over at CC,
so you can keep your eye open for any threads regarding road/climbing info.

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