Attempting Kings Peak again on 7.26.13 early AM. Anyone in?

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Attempting Kings Peak again on 7.26.13 early AM. Anyone in?

by stever500 » Thu Jul 18, 2013 5:39 am

Hello folks. My hiking partner has canceled today due to work issues so I'm attempting Kings Peak again this year - by myself :| . Flying out from Maryland on 7.25.13 and will get to the Henry Forks campground that late afternoon, early evening. Waking up early and starting my hike around 7am or 730am or so on Friday the 26th. Plan to camp at Dollar Lake or maybe a mile or two past it to be closer to the summit. I did this last year, alone, as my uncle bagged out at the last minute but it stormed all day the day I tried to summit on day 2 (sleet, lightning, thunder, it was awful).

No one made it up to the summit that day that I know of.

I HAVE to bag this darn peak this time. I'm 52, in pretty good relative shape and it would be my 46th state high point. Attempting Gannett Peak WY 2 days after Kings.

I will only hike by myself to Dollar Lake and a bit beyond but must find someone else to do the summit day with. I get lost easily and it's too dangerous for me to attempt the summit day solo. Anyone heading to the mountain this day who wants to join me? I realize it's totally unlikely with 1 weeks notice but you never know.

Was planning on doing the whole thing in 3 days unless... we summit on day 2, head back to the campground and just simply feel like going the whole way back.


Gaithersburg MD.

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