Solo climbing/backpacking trip – where would you go?

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Re: Solo climbing/backpacking trip – where would you go?

by WyomingSummits » Thu May 29, 2014 2:26 pm

huwj wrote:Just thought I'd resurrect an old thread of mine to give some positive feedback. Sometimes questions get asked, people spend time replying and no one gets thanked...

I finally took all your suggestions on board, quit my job and booked a one way flight. Will be climbing for the next year. Got six months planned in North America and plan on ticking off all the suggestions on this thread.

So cheers for all the input guys, will let you know how I get on :)

I think that if you're looking for the largest variety of climbing/mountaineering objectives, with the best possibility of fair weather, then the Wind River range is tops. Yes, as SLR noted, the approaches are long which is typical for Wyoming unless you're in the Tetons which are a small range in terms of length/width. However, when you factor in weather, it beats the Cascades and Tetons in terms of available terrain/training. There is plenty of available water, the largest concentration of glaciers in the American Rockies, many 3rd and 4th class routes, as well as hundreds of quality alpine rock climbs. I believe Mt Hooker has one of the most challenging big wall alpine climbs in the country as well. Gannett Peak is known as one of the tougher state highpoints in the country. The Cascades are by far the best big mountain training ground in the country when factoring in glacier travel, but for a solo excursion, I'd pick a place with better weather if going for a short time. Please don't read this as the Winds being a hospitable fun-in-the-sun environment......the weather there is volatile for sure, but you don't typically get the wet monsoon weather like in Washington.

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Re: Solo climbing/backpacking trip – where would you go?

by chugach001 » Tue Jun 24, 2014 3:29 pm

Brooks Range
Wind Rivers

I love the Sierra's and Tetons but they're crowded.


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