Bad Day At Black Rock

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Re: Bad Day At Black Rock

by Fried Chicken » Sun Mar 08, 2015 11:54 am

Hey, Magic Man!!! Check the shots of my "Obamanomic Monster Dirt Bike" I posted at , in the Projects/Builds Forum under "Z50 monkeybike with a few mods..." by Sidewinder (my new handle, going incognito again, LOL). Ya may hafta register at the site in order to see the pics, but you can delete all cookies or whatever afterward, 10??? That site may be my new home, the ban isn't being lifted at because the senior mod wants me to apologize to some greaseball cop, and we all know THAT ain't gonna happen, pfffffft. Maybe the scumbag cop should apologize to Rebecca Zahau's corpse, AYE??? I'm outta here, color me gone, ADIOS, DUDE!!!
"What lured him on was, of course, the great adventure, the eternal longing of every truly creative man to push on into unexplored country, to discover something entirely new---if only about himself."

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