Santa Rosa & Paradise Peaks, NV

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Santa Rosa & Paradise Peaks, NV

by Bubba Suess » Mon Mar 26, 2012 7:29 am

This area is sort of a taxinomical quandary. These peaks hardly seem at home in the southwest forum. The fit better in eastern Oregon. Either way, Santa Rosa and Paradise Peaks look like awesome mountains. Unfortunately, Paradise Peak does not have a page on Summitpost and the Santa Rosa Peak pages is crummy. It seems like most of the beta is lifted out Bruce Grubbs' Hiking Nevada book. I did not fact-check it too closely, but the east side access section is lifted word for word and some of the west side is also plagiarized for certain.

The Santa Rosa Peak page is in dire need of adoption and remodeling. Such an awesome peak as this does not deserve to be disregarded on Summitpost. At the very least, the plagiarized sections should be expunged, the page put up for adoption (the owner is long, long, since inactive). If anyone has pictures of these mountains, I would love to see them too!

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