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The American Alpine Club

by KoenVl » Mon May 07, 2012 3:26 pm

I recently came across an initiative of the American Alpine Club, namely the Alpine Conservation Partnership (ACP)(which aims at the restauration and protection of high mountain eco-systems in for example the Himalaya or the Andes).

Now I was just wondering how the ACP is financed. The american Alpine Club isn't really a big Alpine club compared to some European Associations (like for example the Austrian Alpine club with over 400.000 members or the Swiss with 300.000 member), so I would think their financial ressources are rather small as well (or am I wrong?). That's why I was wondering how they manage to finance some (probably expensive) ecological projects around the globe?
Anybody who has an idea of this?

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Re: The American Alpine Club

by Buckaroo » Wed May 09, 2012 5:33 am

I was mixed cragging with the AAC president this past Feb, Steve Swenson. He said that they were trying to bring the AAC back from decline.

I think the AAC only does start up funds, then petitions or directs other more substantial institutions toward what they have started.

from the ACP page on AAC

""The project will build upon the successes of the Everest Alpine Conservation and Restoration Project, Nepal, officially launched in 2004 with start-up funding from the AAC.

Although less that three years old, the Everest program has already established the Khumbu Alpine Conservation Council (KACC), the world's first alpine NGO.

In February, 2006, a $50,000.00 capacity building grant from the United Nations Development Programme/Nepal was awarded to the KACC that will strengthen their ability to manage and sustain the Everest project in perpetuity. This capacity building strategy is key to the long-term success of the Alpine Conservation Partnership Project and will be replicated in all of the project's work sites.""

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