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Packing list for Expedition/hiking in the highlands

PostPosted: Tue Jun 11, 2019 3:16 am
by Racheltu
Due to the high altitude, the average temperature is low, tough natural environment. The plateau region has always been one of the most difficult areas for human survival.
It’s best to be fully prepared before you go hiking in the highlands. Taking Tibet as an example,
1.The passport with all necessary visas and Tibet travel permits.
Tibet is very high, even in the summer, there is quite cold weather. The night is much colder than the day. In some areas, it even snows all year round. Wear warm clothing such as a down jacket. You may need them sometimes.
3. For all hiking, it’s vital to have a pair of durable and comfortable shoes. Lightweight boots are good, but You should also have a pair of comfortable and tough sandals. Because Tibet sometimes gets wet, so make sure your shoes fit well and fit into cold water and puddles.
4. It is best to bring a big backpack and a small backpack. Big backpack to carry clothes and etc,(for daily activities) , a small bag (important things, such as documents, money, and keys)
5. It is very necessary for you to take skin care products such as lip balm, sunscreen, and skin cream.

Other things welcome to add