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Advice: Boots colder than Baruntse for alps/scottish winter

PostPosted: Tue Jan 14, 2020 4:38 pm
by Aske
Hi everyone,

I'm the proud owner of a pair of La Sportiva Baruntse boots, which I've used to climb Island Peak (6.200m) in Nepal (fall season). They kept my feet toasty warm and I don't doubt that they will work up to 7.000m as advertised. Apart from the weight their fantastic!

This summer I'm going to Chamonix, France, to do an alpine summer course (so far I've only done two 'trekking peaks' around 6.200m in Laddakh and Nepal). My question now is what boots to bring? I expect my Baruntse's to be way to hot (and heavy - they are 1,5kg each). I'm looking for a boot that I'll be able to use for everything below what my Baruntse's are needed for and that would also be able to handle Scottish/alpine winter, since I might be going for that down the line.

Right now I'm mostly leaning towards a couple of integrated gaiter boots (Scarpa Phantom Tech, La Sportiva G5), but am worried that they might be to hot for alpine summer? Alternatively I might go for a pair of Scarpa Mont Blanc Pro GTX paired with a my RAB Latok gaiters, but they might on the other hand be to cold for Scottisch Winter?

So to summarise, my questions are:
- Do you agree that my Baruntse's are too warm for Summer in the alps or should I just go for it with them?
- If not: Should I buy the integrated gaiter boots or a single layer boot like the Scarpa Mont Blanc if I want it to be cold enough for summer in the alps, but warm enough for scottish winter?