Liquid feeding a gas stove

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Liquid feeding a gas stove

by Nikolas_A » Fri Mar 30, 2012 12:57 pm

I read this great article some time ago, and happened to come accross it last week again. In the w/e the canister on my PocketRocket kept freezing. I remembered I had a remote canister stove I don't use anymore. When I got home I dug it up to see if it had a preheat tube and it does. So I tested it at home in liquid feed mode and it worked great. Now I need to try it in low temperatures.

Three things I noticed (and that I have already read in the article):
-Throttle range decreases (or sensitivity increases). If in normal operation valve range is 0-100%, while inverted it goes off at about 20% and is blasting at 80%.
-The response is slower. Changes in valve position lag about 5 seconds, and it burns for more than a minute when you shut the valve completely.
-The canister doesn't get cooler, the fuel line does (that's gooood!).

Anybody here has any experience with liquid feeding in real life conditions?

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