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Adding coloured text

PostPosted: Sat Sep 26, 2020 1:51 pm
by Kiefer

Full disclosure: Not a big fan of the new editor. But.....
Why is it when changing one's personal bio page, there are no radio buttons like when adding a page, or typing up this here question/gripe?
There IS an HTML option, which is fine. Which brings me to my question. When I enter the coding to change a texts colour, it either doesn't work or disappears all together; even the coding disappears. That's weird. Anyone know why that is? Also, when I go back to make changes, extra: <br></br> and <em></em> suddenly appear.
And speaking of which, on the edit section for ones bio, why is 'strikeout' even an option? Does anyone even use that anymore? Asking for a friend. :P
Pardon my ignorance if I'm missing something, IT and coding are not my thing (learning on the fly), but I'd like to know the answers to this VERY important and pressing dilemma. :wink: