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PostPosted: Sun May 02, 2010 5:49 am
by SkydiveKen
We use the GoPro Surf hero at work. I use a custom made glove for a wrist mount to video tandem skydives. The Surf Hero has a wide angle lens that makes it incredibly easy to keep our students in frame. No view finder or LCD display but that has not proved to be an issue. GoPro has an HD model out that I hear the other skydivers are very happy with.

I am planning on taking one on my up coming climbs and maybe mount it on the bike just for kicks.

PostPosted: Tue May 04, 2010 1:10 am
by Sierra Ledge Rat
The HD GoPro is just as good as the regular GPro - except it is HD.

Fogging in a waterproof case is expected unless you take certain basic precautions. If your friend's camera fogged while skiing, either the camera was wet, your hands were wet, or you got snow in the case at some point. Or perhaps the camera got cold and then when the case was opened some condensation formed on the camera -- changing SD card maybe?

In any case, fogging is always user error unless there is damage to the case.

The camera should not be too cool before it is placed into the waterproof case.

It is best to put the camera in the case in a low-humidity environment, like an air conditioned or heated room where ambient humidty is low.

The camera and case must be dry before you put the camera in the case. Your hands must be dry.

Small dessicant packs, available at camera stores, are useful for absorbing any residual mositure. Or stuff some toilet tissue around the camera.

I regularly use the GoPro underwater at shallow depths, and in high-humidity environments. Never had any problems with fogging. RainX on the lens helps prevent water droplets from adhering to the lens in watery environments.

PostPosted: Tue May 04, 2010 5:59 am
by ccs25
I have a Contour HD, not a bad little camera. Below is to a link to some helo training. First time I used it, just strapped it to my helmet and pressed record. Nothing special. When I cut it down you'll notice a purple line appearing, that's not in the original footage. Sorry for all the head movement, you need your head on a swivel up there.

PostPosted: Tue May 04, 2010 7:18 am
by JJ There is also footage of Will Gadd ice climbing with this rig in Ouray. Very Cool!!

PostPosted: Tue May 04, 2010 9:23 am
by jibmaster

PostPosted: Tue May 04, 2010 9:43 am
by jibmaster
Some skiing footage from last January at Shasta

Hull Mountain - late March/early April 2010 - can't remember...

PostPosted: Tue May 04, 2010 3:51 pm
by Kurt Wedberg
This video of the East Face of Mt. Whitney's Fresh Air Traverse was made with a VholdR ContourHD Helmet Cam.