Ascending Fixed Lines With Micro Traxion

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Ascending Fixed Lines With Micro Traxion

by keth0601 » Mon Aug 19, 2019 2:18 pm

Planning to climb Denali next June and was looking at buying an ascender for climbing the fixed lines on the headwall but then the thought occurred to me that I'll already be carrying my micro traxion for crevasse rescued and it's lighter than an ascender and multi-purpose.

Is there any reason not to just use the micro traxion with a large carabineer (petzl william) for ascender? Tried it for kicks last night with my alti mittens on and it seemed to work just fine (slides really nice).


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Re: Ascending Fixed Lines With Micro Traxion

by asmrz » Mon Aug 19, 2019 5:07 pm


The Micro Traxion was not actually designed as an ascender. But it can be used (in emergency) as one.

I would first ask how comfortable are you with minimal gear especially on the slope above the 14k camp? If that slope is not a problem, then minimal support ascender might be ok. If you want to have 100% security, bring an ascender that is designed for fixed rope movement. Depending on the style of your ascent, the extra weight might or might not be an issue.

I have used full size ascender, both as a crevasse rescue and fixed rope ascender. It was always very safe and I didn't mind the slight extra weight. But that was some years ago when the micro devices were not available.

Hopefully, some other people will comment on this.

Good luck on the mountain.

Cheers, Alois.

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