Mt Sidley (Antarctica) Summited & 7 Volcanic Summits

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Mt Sidley (Antarctica) Summited & 7 Volcanic Summits

by Cy Kaicener » Wed Jan 22, 2020 1:26 am

David (Roscoe) Roskelley summits Mt Sidley and completes the Volcanic Seven Summits -- David (Roscoe) Roskelley summits Mt Sidley (Antarctica) and conquers the Volcanic Summits -
18 - 2020
Volcanic Seven Summits Conquered!
As of approximately 3:22pm MDT, (from what I can tell on the tracker) Team Sidley reached the SUMMIT - HOORAY!! CONGRATULATIONS to the entire Mt. Sidley team!! They had perfect, sunny conditions today with no wind, which is pretty remarkable given where they are. Amazing!! Today was a BIG climbin… Amazing!! Today was a BIG climbing day. . . 4,700 vertical feet of elevation gain from high base camp to the summit. WOW! It's official. . . Roscoe is the FIRST American to complete the Volcanic Seven Summits + Seven Summits!! We are all sooo very proud of you David C. Roskelley!! In the photo below I'm not sure if I was able to capture the tracker as they were standing on the exact summit, but pretty dang close. The second photo was sent by teammate Andrew Hughes. . .showing one of the rope teams on the ascent, with the Basler DC3 plane in the background

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Re: Mt Sidley (Antarctica) Summited & 7 Volcanic Summits

by Jow » Wed Jan 22, 2020 2:49 am

That’s pretty cool indeed. Peakbagger only has one previous finisher listed so quite rare feat.

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