FS: Marmot Gear (and tecto FL arcteryx)

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FS: Marmot Gear (and tecto FL arcteryx)

by adamoo » Fri Mar 22, 2013 3:24 pm

Hi guys,

Bought a bunch of Marmot gear to see what I liked and didn't like. And after mixing and matching marmot gear and arcteryx gear, I feel that I favor the arcteryx gear a bit more, but have kept a few marmot things (zeus down, orion pants, alpinist jacket).. Everything else, I don't need.
All this stuff has had the tags removed, and I've worn them around the house to test the comfortability (but living in Singapore, it's hot here all year round, so obviously never wore the gear outdoors aside from the items that I mentioned are worn). So essentially it's all new. And actually I have the tags stuffed into the pockets etc. The only gear that I did wear out of the house while in Singapore that I'm selling off are the minimlist pant, I wore it once to test the comfortability in a tropical rainstorm, and the buckle on my rainboots peerced a few micro holes into the pants (nothing worth fixing, as near the very bottom of the pant). BTW, Gore-tex paclite isn't that great for the tropics, nothing is really (not even active shell), found that it's better just to get wet :( The gloves as mentioned I've worn, and the Alpinist I've worn, but I'm not sure if I want to sell it.

Anyway, here's a list of the gear I'm selling, don't really know what to sell it for, but since I live in Singapore, shipping probably pretty high, so maybe it would be best for one person to buy a bunch of things, rather then one off..

Shipping is probably $50 to the states, which is why I mentioned it might only be worthwhile to buy a lot of stuff.

Screen pant, size 32 in various colors:
Olive, Black, Navy, Gargoyle, Granite. ($70 each, $60 each ONLY if you buy all 5 at once)

Minimalist pant, size medium, black. ($125)

Reactor Microfleece Jacket, Grey. ($50)

Zion Jacket - Granite, Medium. ($200)

Connect Glove (worn in HK on a trip to cut the chill, slightly worn looking) ($10)
Powerstretch Glove (worn one day of skiing, slightly worn looking) ($10)

MIGHT SELL: Alpinist Jacket, Orange (blue zip, this season), Medium. (Wore once at a ski resort, very nice and trim looking, killer jacket but I have a few arcteryx jackets [4]) ($300)

MIGHT SELL: Arcteryx Tecto FL, Platinum, Medium, brand new jacket, just came out, still has the tags on, and I was thinking of sending it back, but shipping will kill me, so thinking I might just sell it to recoup losses $368 retail, asking $300 which will help out the buyer as it's all the same to me to send it back, but I might keep it, I'm just not keen on having so many active shells (have an Alpha FL already).

Anyway, I'm not sure if the prices are way off, or whatever, but just thought I'd toss these up online, as I believe I've found a system of gear that works for me, and I have multiples in different colors, so I'm set for winter gear, and this stuff really just won't ever get taken with me on ski trips.

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Re: FS: Marmot Gear (and tecto FL arcteryx)

by adamoo » Tue Mar 26, 2013 3:10 pm

Tecto FL I'm just going to send back... Saves me the trouble.

Alpinist I'm definitly going to sell.. Just got myself an Arcteryx Leaf jacket :D
Anyone needs photos or whatnot just let me know. I'm easy going... And if the shipping price or etc is a deterrent, just let me know, I'm flexible and willing to work with someone on the price..

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