Chamonix Summer Adventure Planning

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Chamonix Summer Adventure Planning

by thatthang » Wed Aug 21, 2013 5:12 am


I am hitting a wall on the planning for a last minute change to a trip I have in a few weeks and come here to humbly submit to the wisdom of the forum.

I am heading across the pond to climb the Matterhorn with a friend and due to his schedule I suddenly find myself with a few days to kill (September 8-11 to be exact). I immediately thought of Chamonix as my destination as I vowed to return there in the summer after being blown away on a ski trip a few years ago. Anyway, my first thought was to try to a snag a peak or aiguille. Grand Dru, Aiguilles de Blaitiere, Charmoz/ Grepon traverse, Aiguille Verte, and Noire De Peuterey, and even Mont Blanc came to mind. My delima is I'm alone and would need a guide for these technical missions. So question number one, is does anyone have any recs for summer guides for these types of climbs, that are affordable?

My second idea was to dial this back in and shoot for a pretty epic trek that I could do solo. I know the Haute Route is an option but I'm looking to get off the beaten path. A one or two night backpacking trip over some passes and along some ridges is what I'm thinking. Any recommendations here? Are there areas I can bivouac or do they really want to force you into the huts?

Well, that's about it. If anyone can help me that would be great. I did use the search feature and didn't really find any good summer Chamonix info.


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