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Put a page up for adoption, find a page up for adoption, or report an abandoned page in need of adoption.
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Page Adoption Guidelines

by Bob Sihler » Mon Feb 10, 2014 4:08 pm

SP members and management encourage adoption of pages whose owners have lost interest in maintaining them.

If you'd like to adopt a page, standard protocol is to contact the owner by email and PM if the person has been active within the past year (check the profile for the most recent active date). Note-- you should definitely use email if that person has not been active for a few weeks, as there is a chance it could be a long time before the person logs on and gets a PM.

Sometimes the owner does not want to transfer the page. If the page is in poor condition and the owner refuses to transfer or improve it, you can make your case to site management and let us look into it. Sometimes management will make a transfer, especially in cases where the current page owner is not the original owner or where the owner has not climbed the peak or route.

Other times, you may not hear back from the page owner at all. In those cases, you can contact site management to discuss how to proceed.

Pages whose owners have been inactive for more than a year will often be transferred to new owners without going through the PM/email process. In such circumstances, just contact site management or post in this thread: abandoned-pages-in-need-of-adoption-t67091.html

Before you adopt a page, please ask yourself these questions:

* Does the page really need improvement, or would I just like to have this page for some reason (i.e. it's my favorite peak)?
* Am I going to improve the page in substantial ways other than displaying my own pictures?
* For a mountain or route or canyon, have I climbed or attempted it? Can I provide firsthand information about it?
* For an area, do I have extensive knowledge of it?

Please note: if you adopt a page and then "squat" on it (make little or no substantive changes), it's possible that management will transfer that page to someone else interested in it or to the Orphanage.

Thank you for your interest in adopting and improving SP pages. Improving quality is a top goal, and dedicated members play a massive role in making SP the top mountaineering site on the Internet!
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