Sold: Restored Vintage Alp Sport, 4 Season Pyramid Tent

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Sold: Restored Vintage Alp Sport, 4 Season Pyramid Tent

by normankirk » Sun May 07, 2017 5:16 am

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10/27 - Lowered to $275.00. Recently have added 4 guy line attachment loops at mid height on the fly.
The tent was previously listed in its original used condition with just a few improvements. I have since decided to restore the polyurethane coating on the floor and lower sidewalls as well as make other upgrades. The first 4 photographs show the tent as originally listed. The remainder show the sidewall re-coat in process and the completed interior floor and Seam Grip reinforcement.

Alp Sport, Boulder Colorado - George Lamb and Alpine Designs -

Offering for sale - A very solid Alp Sport classic pyramid tent with a rectangular floor plan. Interior center pole design that is roomy for 2 adults sleeping head and feet to the doors and their gear. 3 persons if you remove the center pole and suspend from a tree branch. Plenty of room for 4 children.

- Double wall design. Interior 1.9 ounce breathable ripstop nylon canopy and heavy duty nylon duck, pack cloth floor. Urethane coated nylon taffeta outer rain fly. The fly appears to be a replacement as it looks only slightly used.

- Front zippered triangular and rear snow tunnel entrances backed with bug netting. Wind sock vent above the tunnel entrance. The zipper is #10 YKK tooth type.

- 84" wide X 94" long. 16" high sidewalls. 71" center height.

- Sheds snow very well.

- Approximate weight is 7.5 pounds without pegs.

Condition - This is a used vintage tent that is in overall good condition. It has been thoroughly cleaned and inspected. There are some usage stains here and there but all have been additionally spot treated and in my view what remains is set and not coming off. There are no tears or seam stitching needing to be repaired. The entire tent has been treated with Mcnett Mirazyme Odor Eliminator to remove the "old tent odor". The condition of the rain fly is excellent as it appears to be a replacement that has seen little use. Unlike on the dome tents, there is a good amount of overhanging fly that provides a drip line a foot or so beyond the lower sidewalls and floor seams. The original owner chose not to seam seal.


The factory polyurethane coating that waterproof's the nylon on the floor and lower sidewalls of the main tent body was beginning to separate here and there and along with the unsealed floor perimeter seams allowing the entry of water. Despite its deterioration, the old coating was very stubborn in its removal and required many hours of work using a variety of methods. 1 layer of Kenyon Recoat 3 was applied to the interior floor and another on the exterior. Since the floor fabric is a textured nylon packcloth with coarse threads, an additional coating of silicon sealer was added to the exterior floor. The exterior lower sidewalls were also renewed and the floor's perimeter and vertical sidewall seams were sealed with Seam Grip.


- The original draw cord on the tunnel entrance has been replaced with elastic nylon cord which moves more freely in its sleeve. The draw cord opening has also been reinforced.
- The stitching at points of tension, ie. stake loops, canopy guy line attachment points and pullouts was reinforced with Seam Grip. These points of attachment were all well sewn and solid but its an older tent and this strengthens the stitching.

The tent may be viewed in Estes Park, Colorado. The original stuff sack, pole, main canopy and rain fly is included. I will include pegs but they are not specifically original. If you want to use your own, better pegs, let me know and the shipping weight will be slightly reduced.

Previously $300.00, now selling for $275.00. Super nice restored classic tent ready for camping.

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Re: Restored -Vintage Alp Sport, 2 Person, 4 Season Pyramid

by normankirk » Mon Sep 11, 2017 2:34 pm

Restored Condition-

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Re: Lowered - Restored Vintage Alp Sport, 4 Season Pyramid T

by normankirk » Fri Oct 27, 2017 4:35 pm

Bump for lowered price-

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