3 Color Photographs of Washer Women and Monster Tower, CNP

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3 Color Photographs of Washer Women and Monster Tower, CNP

by normankirk » Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:17 pm

3 professional quality photographic prints of Washer Women and Monster Tower, Canyonlands NP - Photographed, printed and signed by Neil Johnson, 2005. 3 views looking east to the La Salles, 2 are similar but with different lighting and mood. 2 vertically and 1 horizontally oriented. Matted with foam board backing and in cellophane envelope. Print is 12"x15", outside dimension 16"x20". Prints have not been displayed and are in the original envelope. Asking $30.00 per print, inclusive of shipping. All for $65.00. PPFF or please add 3% for the fee.

My photographs are taken to have as little glare off the cellophane as possible.

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