Is a down suit an adequate substitution for a sleeping bag?

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Is a down suit an adequate substitution for a sleeping bag?

by WindyCityToWindyPeaks » Fri Mar 30, 2018 1:48 am

Can the TNF Himalayan down suit perform as an adequate substitution for a sleeping bag on Aconcagua, if I were to pair it with a thermolite liner to reduce pack weight and space? If there are concerns for my hands and feet, I have that covered with TNF Himalayan mitts (primaloft Insulation and 600-fill RDS goose down insulation) and the insualted boot liners from my La Sportiva Spantik double boot for my feet to sleep in. Plus I won't be exposed because I'll have a thermolite liner as well. I wouldn't only be bringing it to sleep in/lounge around in camp. I would be wearing it on summit day as well, even if it's a bit of an overkill for Aconcagua. I was told my situation is kind of like gloves vs. mittens. My suit may be 800 fill and warm, but my extremities are individually covered in it, kind of like a glove as opposed to being completely covered like a mitten -- hence sleeping bags. And we all know mittens are warmer than gloves...but that's where I thought a thermolite liner paired with the suit would counter that argument. Thoughts? Thanks in advanced!

P.S. I have a synthetic Marmot Tresle 0° sleeping bag. But it wouldn't be warm enough for Aconcagua and I'm hoping I can get out of having to drop another $700 + on a new -20, down sleeping bag...

P.S.S. I got the TNF down suit at half price of what it normally runs -- which can hover around a grand. I really want to take advantage of it's uses for Aconcagua, with 8000-m peaks on the radar at some point in the future!


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Re: Is a down suit an adequate substitution for a sleeping b

by Ericlkelly » Sat Sep 22, 2018 12:37 pm

Worth looking at. I think the clothing is going to be less efficient than the same weight's worth of down bag because your arms and legs are isolated. Even if you had the same loft in the clothes that you did in the bag I think it would be less efficient. Still worth trying though. If it won't work to freezing maybe it will work to 40, who knows. I'd say try it in a low risk situation and tell us what happens. One advantage is that if you get a bit chilled you can get up in your clothes and walk around a bit than lay back down once you've generated some heat. You can't do that when you have a warm quilt but a skimpy jacket. For more you can use this service to have any kind of writing help in the future.

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