Why Summitpost is better than Map My Ride

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Why Summitpost is better than Map My Ride

by Denjem » Thu May 26, 2011 7:47 pm

Perhaps it is because climbers are known for being cheap and/ or dirtbags. Or maybe cycling is a richer sport than I am used too. I wanted to check out some rides around where I live. So I hopped on the internet and was directed to map my ride, a free site for cycling. So I put in the the miles I wanted to ride. Rides came up. I start checking out the rides, found one that looked good. There was a map available, but when I go to print it, I have to register. No worries, it's free, said so right on the link. I registered and found the ride again. Try to print and the option to upgrade my membership pops up. I decline to upgrade and continue the process. When I get to the end, there is a link to upgrade my membership again, but this time it states that I have to upgrade and printing of maps is a premium feature. I have to pay for a bike route that was put up by another user!? If this was Summitpost and I had to pay for route info, I would be pretty disappointed. Not only that, but how many of you would pay for info on a site that is all info from the users? I want info on a backpack, no worries, $3 for that gear review. I wonder when the Tioga road will open? Sure $1 to post a guess. How much longer is the north ridge compared to the west ridge on Conness? To find out pay $5. This is some BS! Am I wrong? If the site isn't providing the info, doesn't that mean I should get royalties anytime some one print one of my routes? I will provide it for free, but if some one is making money off of it, I want my cut too damn it! :evil:

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Re: Why Summitpost is better than Map My Ride

by Josh Lewis » Fri May 27, 2011 5:06 am

Agreed, this image says my expression of that site if what is said is true:


But really it would be sweet if SP had a distance log or elevation log. :)

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