why would tent seams start leaking and peeling

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why would tent seams start leaking and peeling

by sershe2 » Mon May 07, 2018 4:01 pm

On yesterdays trip during the rain, my REI Quarter Dome T2 fly suddenly started leaking a bit, from many separate places along the seams. I can also see some white material (sealant?) peeling everywhere along the seams of the fly and tent bottom.

Never had this problem before and I wonder what could have caused it?.. so I could avoid this in the future.

1) Improper storage after the last trip? IIRC I dried it out as usual but I can't recall. Would packing it wet do this?
2) Stuffing the tent & fly into a tight stuff sack? I've never done this before but had to on this trip due to pack volume.
3) Something else I'm not considering?

The tent is 7yo, but I've only used it on few dozen nights. Also it's strange that the sealant would fail everywhere at once if it was age.

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Re: why would tent seams start leaking and peeling

by DukeJH » Tue May 08, 2018 8:54 pm

I've found that packing the fly damp will accelerate and long term exposure to the sun will break down the tape use to seal seams. I regularly shove my tent and fly into my pack to fill space and haven't had issues with the durability of seam tape except on old tents and tents that didn't get put away absolutely dry.

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