Pico Coronas

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Location Lat/Lon: 42.63716°N / 0.64938°E
Activities Activities: Mountaineering
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Additional Information Elevation: 10804 ft / 3293 m
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Picos Coronas, Medio and MalditoCoronas and Maldito
Pico Coronas and MaladetaCoronas and Maladeta

The Pico Coronas is an important peak of the Maladeta Massif but it's less climbed than its higher neighbour Aneto (3,404m), the highest peak of Pyrenees. Collado de Coronas (3,195m) between both peaks is a very important point in the massif because it's the easiest way to access to these peaks from the South joining the normal routes of North faces, whose trailheads are La Besurta (1,900m) and the Refuge of Renclusa (2150m).
Climbing Aneto and Coronas in the same day is also possible if you have enough strength after the ascension of the most important peak. Another option is the access crossing Collado del Medio (3,268m) between Coronas and the ridge Pico del Medio (3,346m)-Pico Maldito (3,355m)


-Collado de Coronas (F.sup.): it’s not the easiest but it's probably the most frequented across an easy rock-climb from the col a little exposed only if present snow.

-Collado del Medio (F.): the easiest route is interesting if you have climbed from La Besurta and you want to make directly for the summit before or without Aneto. If you are coming from Aneto it is used normally as descent route.

Getting There

Refugio de la RenclusaRefuge of Renclusa
Puente de CoronasPuente de Coronas

Approach to Benasque from Huesca: in the road on direction to Barbastro (N-240). After Barbastro we'll follow the indication to valley of Benasque to the C-1311 to Graus and the C-139 to Benasque across the beautiful gorge of Congosto de Ventanillo.

-Llanos de la Besurta (1890m), it's near the Hospital de Benasque and refuge of La Renclusa in the North of Maladeta. Trailhead as well to Aneto, Maldito, Maladeta, Tuc de Mulleres...

La Besurta is easy of reach from Benasque following to Hospital de Benasque and taking the road signalled on the right side before the descent to Hospital.

-Puente de Coronas at the end of the track of Vallibierna in the south of Maladeta. Trailhead as well to South route to Aneto, Aragüels, Vallibierna, Tempestades, Margalida, Russell...

The same road in direction to Hospital de Benasque have a desvition signaled as Valllibierna. The access to the track is in the area of Camping de Senarta.

Red Tape

Located in the Natural Park of Posets-Maladeta with rules about conservation of wildlife, camping...

Very important: the tracks of La Besurta and Vallibierna are closed in winter and early in the spring (it's the pist of sky-cross county with snow). From june it's opened. From july to september you can't access with your car and you must use the bus paying.


Camping is not allowed, it's forbidden in the natural park. The camping is permited in Pla de Senarta (ayuntamiento de Benasque, a little tax of 3-4 €) or the nearby Camping of Aneto.
The night in La Besurta is a good option in the vehicle but you can't camp with the tent or vivac.
The Refuge de la Renclusa is a good option, specially in spring with the road closed (1h45min of walk to the refuge but from La Besurta with the road opened it's only a easy walk of 40 minutes).

Many lodges and hotels in village of Benasque

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