Pico dos Marins

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Piquete Town, Brazil, South America
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Pico dos Marins
Created On: Jan 24, 2005
Last Edited On: Dec 8, 2005


Pico dos Marins is the start of Mantiqueira Range, the same about Agulhas Negras Peak and Pedra da Mina Peak. All the range is an alkaline formation. At past, Mantiqueira Range was the Sea Range with more than 13000 mts. , the highest range of Earth.Today, the Sea Range has many mountains with 1500mts.-- 2797mts. and is separate to Mantiqueira Range( at São Paulo and Minas Gerais backcountry ) by Paraiba do Sul River. Marins Peak is the highest Peak at the Marins Conjunct and, another big mountains meet there : Marinzinho Peak ( 2410 mts. ) and Itaguare Peak ( 2330 mts. )

Getting There

Marins Peak may be attack by Piquete Town, in São Paulo State at board of BR-116 road, Brazil's principal road. From São Paulo city, are 200 km to Piquete and more a few kilometers to the start point trail. Another base town is Delfim Moreira at Minas Gerais State, more 16 km. from Piquete.The advise, if you go to Marins Conjunct, to know a good guide to climb with the group because the mountains aren't much explorate, the trails are close and dangerous. The weather is another problem. The range is hot at day and cold at night, with the temperature bordering - 10°C and rare snowfalls. The trails are so far from the base towns and if you go to Marins Peak, make the Itaguaré-Marins Cross, is very beutiful place.

Red Tape

The start point is in the road, and you must know the place for the climb. The mountains are inexplorate and don´t have guardians because it isn't a Park. Be careful.

When To Climb

All the Mantiqueira mountains are best to go at winter, because the lights are beatiful with cold temperature. April to October, I advise.


All the Marins's camps are wild. The camps are in remote areas and prepare your equipment for hot, wet, cold and dry weather conditions. At the crossing of Marins Conjunct, you find a lot of places to camp near Itaguaré Peak and Marinzinho Peak.

Mountain Conditions

Enter www.cptec.inpe.br for the forecasts and the Brazil's Southeast region.
Weather conditions - Marins


Marins by Jurandir Lima (in portuguese)

Agulhas Negras, Pedra da Mina and Pico dos Marins region by Google Earth

Marins - Itaguaré Traverse.

Some beautiful Images from this traverse. It's not an easy traverse, about 2 or 3 days to complete, crossing the ridge to the East direction from the top of Marins.

Pico dos Marins

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