Pico Pirámide

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Nuevo León, Mexico, North America
6430 ft / 1960 m
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Pico Pirámide
Created On: Nov 17, 2003
Last Edited On: Jun 4, 2004


This is the third highest peak on Cerro de Las Mitras and is one of the most often climbed. Pico Pirámide (Pyramid Peak) is not as famous as it`s neighbor to the east (Pico Perico), nevertheless climbing it has the same grade of difficulty (class 4), since the trail to climb them is the same up to the Perico-Pirámide saddle and then the hike on the ridge involves the same kind of scrambling as for Perico, only a bit longer.
The views from the summit are a little obscured by Perico to the east and Pico Cuauhtémoc to the west. When viewed from Cuauhtémoc one can see the dramatic cliffs on the north , west and south sides of Pirámide, that`s why the only route is from the eastern ridge. A lot of people climb Pico Perico also either before or after climbing Pirámide.

Getting There

From Avenida Gonzalitos go west on Avenida Paseo de los Leones, keep going west until the avenue comes to a dead end, make a "U" turn then make a right turn on the next street wich is Avenida Sevilla; drive all the way up (south) to the end and park by the curbside. The trail starts behind the concrete arch and it steepens as it gains elevation going up a wide gully, at the top of it the trail turns west and travels horizontally, keep going past the "Paso de las Bicicletas" and through the mine, then hike to the second canyon past the mine to a sign written on a rock that points up and reads "Perico", hike up this steep gully full of loose scree and then climb a class 4 15 meter wall that has a long chain fixed from the top, keep scrambling a few more minutes until you reach the Puerto Perico - Pirámide (saddle), from here hike and scramble another 30 minutes on the picturesque but sometimes knife edged ridge to the summit . Total travel time should between 3 and 4 hours at a good pace.

Red Tape

No permits are rquired to climb this peak. It is not in a park.

When to Climb

The best time is from October trough April, the cooler months, but it can be climbed year round as long as the weather is dry.

Mountain Conditions

The conditions on this peak hardly ever change, snow or ice are very rare, the biggest concern is rain , and the weather here is just the same as for the City of Monterrey.


Camping is permitted (there are no regulations to follow), but the only good place is right before entering the mines.
No camp fires please!