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foreverwild - Feb 21, 2006 1:10 am

First 14er  Sucess!

Climbed as my first 14er, bad storms taught an early lesson.


Kiefer - Jan 26, 2006 5:04 pm

Route Climbed: Crags Campground Date Climbed: July, 3 1999  Sucess!

Camped out the previous night, had great calm, warm weather and many beers!

Pushed for the summit the next day. Met a guy near the top. They were having some sort of pre-race session before the Pikes peak race the next day. Lots of cars and women!! It snowed at the top! On the 3rd of July. It was awesome.

We hiked down together sharing a spliff he rolled and proceeded to drink the rest of the beer I didn't finish the night before when we got back to my campsite.

Without doubt, one of the most enjoyable 14ers times I had.


jonnyboots - Jan 8, 2006 12:25 am

Route Climbed: Barr Trail Date Climbed: June 1999  Sucess!

Easy climb. Very nice day


MarieP - Jan 4, 2006 10:51 pm

Route Climbed: Barr Trail Date Climbed: December 24, 2005  Sucess!

Amazing to see all the tourists on the summit!


SawtoothSean - Jan 4, 2006 8:40 pm

Route Climbed: Barr Trail Run Date Climbed: August 21, 2004  Sucess!

Did the Pikes Peak run- I figured it would be a good way to do a peak like this. Still beautiful despite all the people and fresh snow in August.


shanahan96 - Jan 3, 2006 1:11 pm

Route Climbed: Crags Campground Date Climbed: December 29, 2005  Sucess!

nice start with a big group layne got together. after leaving treeline, the wind picked up. constant 40-50 mph winds made for a miserable experience.



colint - Dec 30, 2005 11:39 pm

Route Climbed: the road Date Climbed: sometime in the late 80s or early 90's  Sucess!

This is a lame summit log. Elves, do not feel bad removing me if you must. When I was just a young'en I road in a car to the summit of Pikes. I promise when I move back to Colorado to do a real climb of Pikes. I despise the roads on Evans and Pikes, but my love of mountains had to start somewhere.


jclements - Dec 21, 2005 3:27 pm

Route Climbed: Barr Trail Date Climbed: September, 2000  Sucess!

Backpacked to A-frame, summitted next day. Weather good. My first 14er.


sierratrekkin - Nov 6, 2005 7:31 pm

Route Climbed: NW Slopes Date Climbed: November 4, 2005.  Sucess!

My climbing partner Gary and I climbed from the Crags Camp. The weather was generally foul, at about twenty degrees, and a stiff sixty mile per hour wind.


skorpeo - Oct 6, 2005 11:26 pm

Route Climbed: Barr Trail Date Climbed: October 2003  Sucess!

I started at 5:00 AM. Weather was in the thirties. Great hike. Took five hours and descended by the train.


crzyjt - Oct 2, 2005 1:49 pm

Route Climbed: Barr Trail Date Climbed: October 1, 2005  Sucess!

Hiked to Barr Camp at night on September 30. Then hiked to summit with full pack on the first and descended back to trailhead. This is a rough hike with a full overnight pack. would've been much quicker had i left most of my gear at Barr Camp and picked it up on the way out.


csmcgranahan - Sep 22, 2005 11:48 pm

Route Climbed: Barr Trail Date Climbed: Late May, 2002  Sucess!

At the time I was living in St. Louis and had came out to Colorado to summit West Spanish Peak on a Friday. I felt strong after finishing and decided to attempt Pikes Peak via the Barr Trail on Saturday. Those were two tough days for a flatlander! Took the cog railroad down. My first thirteener and my first fourteener in one weekend. I was officially hooked!

Zach Owen - Sep 17, 2005 11:49 am

Route Climbed: Barr Trail Date Climbed: Sept 16, 2005  Sucess!

Thanks for putting in such a great trail Mr Barr. Left the TH at 6:45 AM and got back at 4:15 PM. Now I know why people shuttle the descent. Weather was great. Next time I'll camp at Barr Camp, and make a summit bid the next morning.


mountaindan - Sep 15, 2005 6:06 pm

Route Climbed: Barr Trail Date Climbed: 27 July 2005  Sucess!

Beautiful day! Very foggy and misty as we started, it felt as if we were walking through a rain forest. Broke out of the clouds at Barr camp and the rest of the day was awesome.

I loved being able to hitch a ride down the mountain with my wife and kids.

Definitely a unique experience

Gord Boston

Gord Boston - Sep 8, 2005 12:02 am

Route Climbed: Barr Trail Date Climbed: August 17, 2005  Sucess!

Very picturesque, and a straighforward hike if you take the cog railway back down. Unless you would like to share my experience of having an octogenarian run by you at 12,300 feet (or something similar) don't hike up the week before the marathon.


BeginnerClimber - Sep 6, 2005 7:37 pm

Route Climbed: Barr Trail Date Climbed: 15 July 2005  Sucess!

I love Pikes Peak, but Barr Trail has become a bit crazy. I had to stand aside about 20 times to get out of the way of moutain bikers coming down. Jeez. Walked with a friend, and summitted in 7 hours. Going back in late September 2005 and may try the up and down route, the full 26 miles. Stay tuned.


tdoughty - Sep 5, 2005 1:56 pm

Route Climbed: road Date Climbed: sept various  Sucess!

sure thing

chanman - Sep 4, 2005 10:12 pm

Route Climbed: Pikes Peak Highway Date Climbed: July 2, 2005  Sucess!

My wife, daughter and I reach the summit in about 40 minutes after we paid our toll. Encountered high winds, snow and lightning and had to go inside the summit house.

Mike Mc

Mike Mc - Aug 28, 2005 10:43 pm

Route Climbed: Barr Trail Date Climbed: February 25, 2005

I have climbed Barr Trail and Pikes Peak many times; however, a winter accent was quite a different ballgame. According to the Barr Camp keeper, our party was the first to make a summit attempt in two weeks. At about 13,000, the snow was getting really deep (even with snowshoes), and the weather was moving in, so we headed back.

Woodie Hopper

Woodie Hopper - Aug 25, 2005 9:15 am

Route Climbed: Northwest slopes (Crag's TH) Date Climbed: 7/23/05  Sucess!

Long easy hike, get early start. Hiked with Robert Flynn (Nashville) his first 14er.

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