Pima Canyon

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 32.37600°N / 110.879°W
Route Type: Hike
Time Required: Half a day
Difficulty: Walk-up


Skyline is the major road that runs just south of the Catalina foothills. Skyline turns into Ina road here; the intersection of Ina and Christie is just west and is also on this map. At that intersection, go north on Christie. This street dead-ends at Magee. Turn right here, and park at the lot (it's called the Iris Dewhirst trailhead) straight ahead of you.

Route Description

The trail departs from the eastern end of the parking lot, where there's a drinking fountain which is handy for a last-minute refill of water. The first part of the trail is straightforward and easy to follow - also remember to stay on it, as the first 3/4 mile or so crosses private property. Soon after you leave this section you enter Pima Canyon, which occasionally has a stream flowing through it. You cross this wash/stream several times and it's never difficult to get across - even when the water's flowing.

The trail continues up Pima Canyon; it's generally easy to follow but sometimes gets confusing when dropping into the wash or where hikers have made side trails. Look for cairns when in doubt. About 5 1/4 miles from the trailhead there are a couple of old concerte tanks and a spring. The trail steepens somewhat after this and climbs out of the canyon to reach Pima Saddle. From there it winds up the west face of Kimball to the summit. Overall this is a slightly more difficult approach than the Finger Rock Canyon trail.

From the Pima Canyon trailhead to the summit, it's about seven miles and 4300 vertical feet.

Essential Gear

The hike is non-technical and no special gear is generally required; however, winter conditions can be present high on the mountain, necessitating cold-weather gear.

Miscellaneous Info

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