Pirineos: Belagua-Hecho

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Pirineos: Belagua-Hecho
Created On: Jan 12, 2006
Last Edited On: Mar 26, 2010


Either this area is the end of the western Pyrenees or the beginning of the Central Pyrenees, the end of the green valleys of Navarra or the beginning of the high mountains over two thousand meters. Or both things, why not? The final valleys in northeast Navarra (Salazar, Roncal and the smaller Belagua, Belabarce and Mintxate) give way to the province of Huesca as the huge limestone mass of Ezkaurre appears in the hikers' horizon. On the other side of the provincial limit peaks are higher, riskier and colder and the rounded green summits of the lower Salazar and Roncal disappear. The local giant is Bisaurín (2668 m), but some other summits also go over 2400 meters: Mesa de los Tres Reyes, Soum Couy, Anie...

Roncal, Belagua and the karst of Larra

Summit of Arlas

Roncal is the first (and only) valley in Navarra giving access to the really high mountains, those counting more than two thousand meters above sea level. All right, there's also Orhi in the close-by Salazar, but that's an exception to this rule. Roncal offers smaller summits in its southern half, but some of them constitute wonderful viewpoints over the high ridge of the Pyrenees and always make for good hikes when the weather does not allow another goals.
The higher (north) part of the valley can be divided in three smaller valleys: Mintxate/Uztarroz, Belagua and Belabarce. Mintxate constitutes the trailhead for Lakartxela, Otsogorrigaine, Otsogorritxipi and Barazea. Belabarce is mainly used as a means to reach the neighbour valley of Ansó and the camping ground of Zuriza, but the normal routes to Ezkaurre or Punta Abizondo begin there. Belagua provides access to all the remaining high peaks and the french ski resort of Arette-La Pierre St.Martin.
Main summits: Lakartxela, Lakora, Txamantxoia, Anie, Soum Couy, Mesa de los Tres Reyes, Añelarra, Ezkaurre.
Other (lower) summits: Calbeira, Idoya, Kakueta, Txorrotxarria, Virgen de la Peña, Ollate/Borreguil, Otsogorrigaine, Otsogorritxipi, Barazea, Punta Abizondo.

Ansó and Hecho - The twin valleys

Ravine of Acherito descending...

The valleys of Ansó and Hecho are placed in the northwest of the province of Huesca. They form two corridors linking the drier areas around Berdún and the Barrage of Yesa to the heights of the Pyrenees and the forests of Oza and Zuriza. Proud of their traditions, they provide great scenery for hiking and climbing but also hold festivals related to traditional local costumes and offer some historical buildings to be visited (as the monastery of Siresa). Enjoy the white traditional villages and (if you like to try local food) give a try to the "migas de pastor".
Main summits: Mesa de los Tres Reyes, Acherito, Petrechema, Chinebral de Gamueta, Anzotiello, Rincón de Alano, Peña Forca, Castillo de Acher, Punta Agüerri, Bisaurín.
Other (lower) summits: Quimboa Alto, Quimboa Bajo, Chipeta Alto, Estriviella, Mallo Cristian, Laraille, Arlet, Puntal Alto del Foratón

Pirineos: Belagua-Hecho

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